Inventors and Patents From the City of Sioux Falls

Inventors and patents from the City ofSioux Falls have contributed to the technological advancement of the world. Some of these individuals were part of the Manhattan Project and received Nobel Prizes for their inventions. For example, Lawrence received a Nobel Prize for his work on the cyclotron. Another notable Sioux Falls native, Waldo A. Ross, helped to improve armored motor cars. His patent led to the development of lighter, cheaper, and more effective armored vehicles.

Inventors develop agricultural sprayer system

A new agricultural sprayer system has been developed by a team of scientists from USDA-ARS and other universities. The system, which is connected to a web portal, has the ability to monitor and calibrate the rate of application and product used. It will help farmers save time, money and chemicals by reducing airborne drift and spray loss. The system is currently in trials in the Lodi area, and is expected to be used in commercial agricultural applications nationwide.

The system is an automated weed control system that uses cameras and artificial intelligence software to spot weeds in a field. It also maps the GPS location of weeds and stores detailed data for analysis. It works without the need for operator input and is primarily designed to target dock weeds, but will also recognise other common weeds. It is a good solution for farmers who want to save time and money and reduce the number of people needed to spray their fields.

The agricultural sprayer system has been designed with the future of crop production in mind. It uses advanced technologies to reduce the costs of agriculture while protecting the environment. Farmers will benefit from the precision of the sprayer and the durability of the materials used to manufacture it. The system also helps reduce the risk of off-target deposition.

The agricultural spraying system 10 comprises a tank 22 attached to the implement frame 16. The tank 22 contains herbicide and is coupled to an array of tubes 40. The tubes are connected to solenoid valves 52-56 and a system controller 20. The spraying system is complemented by a cross tube 42 and three stub tubes 44.

Inventors develop distiller system

A distiller device is a device that purifies water by distilling it. Several distillers are available on the market, including countertop distillers. These devices are a niche market that could support several companies. They compete with bottled water, Brita pitchers, PUR faucet mounts, and other, more complicated reverse osmosis systems. This technology has the potential to disrupt these markets and capture some of their indirect market share, although more research is needed to determine the market size of these distiller systems.

The distiller system can be embodied in counter-top appliances for domestic use, as well as industrial skid-mounted assemblies. The systems can be used in a variety of settings, including small factories, hospitals, and larger work shops. Ultimately, the distiller is designed to save water and money while improving health and safety.

The distillation apparatus is a highly efficient way to produce clean water. It utilizes the energy contained in a refrigerant system and uses vapor compression and heat recovery. The distillation apparatus is simple and low-cost to develop, and uses readily available components. The system also uses scavenging to remove impurities.

The distiller system can be either batch or continuous. Continual distillation ensures the purity of the distillate and helps control the separation process. In many cases, the boiling point of each component is sufficiently different for the distillate to remain pure for its intended use. However, in some cases, the boiling points are close enough that fractional distillation is necessary to separate the components.

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