Inventors and Patents From the City of Shreveport

Inventors and entrepreneurs in Shreveport are working together to foster new ideas, increase collaboration, and spur innovation. This symposium, sponsored by Mayor Glover and the City of Shreveport, brings together innovators and entrepreneurs from the area to discuss best practices and spark new innovations.

PTMT drills down to regional component areas

This table displays inventors and patents associated with individual counties. The counts are rounded to the nearest whole number. The counts include inventors with multiple patents. For example, inventors with multiple patents in one county would have one-half inventor-patent count in the other county, and vice versa.

While PTMT’s database provides inventor and patent information for a wide range of geographic locations, there are several limitations. In particular, it is difficult to determine the residence of a single inventor, who may be associated with multiple locations. The regional component area tables produced by PTMT include inventors and patents associated with multiple counties and cities.

The information in these databases can help you find out who invented or patented a new technology. The database also shows how much innovation is happening in a community. The number of patents issued in the area is rising at a rapid rate. Using this data can assist in identifying opportunities for local businesses.

PTMT drills down to metro/micropolitan area

The PTMT drills down to the metro/micropolitan area level to provide a more detailed picture of regional economic activity. These reports include detailed employment and business data, and information on schools and voting patterns. In addition, the report provides insight into the future of the metro area.

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