Inventors and Patents From the City of Santa Ana

A study of Santa Ana patents shows that in July, 22 patents were granted. In July, the longest time between a patent application and a grant was 635 days. In the same month, the Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision, Inc. filed its patent application and received approval on July 6. However, a patent does not guarantee success, says Dennis Crouch, co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship.

El Dorado Jones invented the airplane engine muffler

The airplane muffler was invented by El Dorado Jones, a woman inventor who had worked as a stenographer at an insurance company. She patented several inventions, but the most important is the airplane engine muffler, which works by retarding exhaust gases. This invention is considered to be the first successful exhaust engine for an airplane.

Jones’ invention was inspired by the muffler used in automobiles. It had the potential to control the noise generated by an aircraft and it was successful during its tests in New York. But she never received funding to put her design into production, and her patent was never used. Jones spent the rest of her life living in New York and her money was eventually donated to charities.

Jones was born in 1860 and was an extremely talented metal worker. Her most famous inventions include a travel-size ironing board and a collapsible hat rack. Despite her success, Jones disapproved of men and was forced to start an all-female company. Eventually, many other businessmen tried to purchase her company.

Garrett Morgan patented a breathing device

The breathing device Garrett Morgan patented is a crucial piece of equipment for firefighters in many situations. This device allows people to breathe safely and protect themselves from harmful chemicals, smoke, and fire. As the name suggests, it’s a mask that fits over your nose and mouth to protect you from respiratory illnesses and accidents. Morgan’s breathing device has been used in countless rescue efforts throughout the world. Today, it’s standard equipment for firefighters worldwide.

Morgan’s career began when he opened a sewing machine shop in 1907. He soon joined the newly formed National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and he became involved with the organization. He also founded the first all-Black country club in Cleveland and later started an all-Black newspaper, the Cleveland Call. Before his death, Morgan received national recognition for his traffic signal invention, and he was also honored for his contribution to the community and to the world.

Morgan was also a highly inventive inventor, developing many innovative products throughout his career. Among his inventions was a friction drive clutch and belt fasteners. His 1912 invention, a hood with a fresh air inlet, became a precursor to today’s gas masks. It was a big hit and earned Morgan a gold medal at the Second International Exposition of Sanitation and Safety in New York City.

Garrett Morgan was born into a family of slaves and was largely self-taught. However, he managed to find his way to the top. He was even able to learn to repair sewing machines and eventually opened his own repair shop.

Charlotte Smith patented windshield wipers

The first operational windshield wiper was invented in 1889 by Mary Anderson, a woman born in Alabama. She was an engineer and graduated from Harvard University. After the Civil War, her family moved to Birmingham. The following year, she patented the windshield wiper. She was also responsible for the first turn and brake signals.

The wiper arm is secured to the wiper pivot shaft by a set of fasteners and spacers. A washer and acorn nut are also included in the assembly. A pin on the pivot shaft can be inserted into one of three positions to keep the wiper attached to the car.

The cleaning element 112 is segmented to ensure that the blade will properly clean the window surface. The bristles are sized so that they engage the surface of the glass. When used, the cleaning element will follow the curve of the glass. This makes the cleaning element flexible and able to conform to irregular surfaces.

Watchguard Technologies has been assigned a patent

WatchGuard Technologies, a leading provider of network security solutions and multi-factor authentication, has been assigned a patent by the City of Santa Ana. The patent covers a security device that detects and prevents cyberattacks. It also covers software and services used for network security. Panda Security will be a wholly owned subsidiary of WatchGuard, and will join the company’s portfolio of security services.

Raytheon has been assigned a patent

Raytheon has been assigned a patent that covers a technology that allows for high frequency, high bandwidth and low loss microstrip to waveguide transitions. The patent was developed by six co-inventors based in Yucaipa, California, and Fort Worth, Texas. The inventors include Thomas A. Hanft, a resident of Allen, Texas.

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