Inventors and Patents From the City of Redmond

The City of Redmond, Washington is home to several innovative companies. Microsoft has recently been awarded a patent for a camera-based multi-touch mouse. Also, a patent has been issued to Omnilectric for a wireless power transmission system. Read more about these companies and their patents.

Microsoft assigns patent for a camera-based multi-touch mouse

Microsoft, based in Redmond, Wash., has assigned a patent for a camera-based multi-touch mouse. Six co-inventors developed the device, which has a visual response to touch inputs. The patent (number 844,376) is the first to address this particular type of mouse. It also includes a processing system and memory that store a plurality of content pages.

The patent details a camera-based multi-touch mouse that will allow users to write on the palm rest of a future Surface notebook. The hybrid pen-mouse will also be capable of acting as a pointer and presentation tool. It also has a camera that can take images. This hybrid mouse is similar to the Samsung hybrid pen mouse, which was granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Microsoft assigns patent for reliable location information for a mobile station using a non-GPS location technique

A reliable location can be important for a number of reasons. One of the most common is the need to accurately navigate from one location to another. Currently, GPS requires four or more satellites to ensure accurate positioning. However, there are many ways to get location information without relying on GPS. These include geocaching, geodashing, waymarking, autonomous robot navigation, and mapping.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is most accurate when the station is located outdoors. However, GPS cannot be used indoors, where obstacles can interfere with the satellite radio signal. Therefore, a better solution is needed to provide reliable location information for mobile stations.

Microsoft assigns patent for a projection system with multi-phased scanning trajectory

Microsoft has assigned a patent for a projection system with multi phased scanning trajectory, which allows for a more accurate display of multi-dimensional data. The patent is for a system that includes a laser light source and mirrors to produce the images. It also includes a MEMS driver and a filter/polarizer. It is also possible to interpolate the displayed pixel data from an underlying image.

One problem with this current technique is that it requires a very large temporary storage unit to compensate for the offset. This is problematic for mobile projection devices. A more efficient method involves a small temporary storage unit and a low computing expenditure. In PCT Application No. WO 2009/025976, this system uses just one light source to compensate for the offset, which limits the computing expense.

Omnilectric assigns patent for a “wireless power transmission system”

A wireless power transmission system has been developed by Omnilectric, a Seattle-based firm. The system includes a phased array antenna and a grid of cables interconnected to form emitter nodes. Each cable has a plurality of power transmission and phase control lines, and is made of a flexible material. The system also includes a transmitter to deliver the wireless power to the device.

The wireless power transmission system is capable of providing primary power and wireless charging to electronic devices. The system uses adaptively-phased microwave array emitters to deliver the power. The device that is being charged reports the strength of the received beam signal to the power source. This information enables the power source to adjust the transmitting phases of the microwave array emitters.

Omnilectric also assigned patent for its “wireless power transmission system.” The patent is for an integrated circuit that tracks a user’s eye position to enable interaction with a display device. The patented method includes one or more capacitors coupled to nodes.

The patent identifies five co-inventors. They include Leila Parsa, of Green Island, N.Y.; Jeffery M. Roach, of Saint Charles, Mo.; and Kamiar J. Karimi, of Kirkland, Wash.; Shengyi Liu, of Sammamish, Wash.; and Suman Dwari, of Manchester, Conn.

The system has an array of receivers that detect power bursts from a transmitter. Each burst contains multiple power pulses, which are directed to multiple receivers. A preferred embodiment employs 100 power pulses per burst, but any ratio will work.

Element CXI assigns patent for a “resilient sensor

Researchers at Oregon State University, the University of North Carolina, and the City of Redmond have come up with a way to create more resilient sensors. The team, which includes Stacey L. Harper of Oregon State University and Martin Frits of the NCI, has patented the technology for use in the City of Redmond.

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