Inventors and Patents From the City of Palmdale

Palmdale is home to a number of inventors and entrepreneurs. For example, Delta Scientific Corporation filed for a patent in Nov. 2018 and received approval on July 12, 2022. However, filing for a patent is not a guarantee of success. In fact, roughly 50 percent of patents expire due to cost reasons.

Unbound Networks

Inventors, like people, are social creatures and the social relationships among them play an important role in the invention and patenting process. The working relationships between inventors also influence the knowledge propagation process in the technological innovation domain. The present study used network analysis to illuminate these relationships. We found that the community structure of co-inventor networks influenced the dynamics of patent-citation dynamics. If an inventor collaborates with a group of collaborators, knowledge about his invention will spread more rapidly.

The resulting community structure depends on the algorithm used to identify inventors. The Louvain and Greedy algorithms yield small and large inventor-communities, respectively, while the Infomap and Propagating-Labels algorithms yield medium-sized and large inventor-communities. The Random Walks algorithm produces an in-between community structure.

Xylem IP Holdings

Xylem IP Holdings is a water technology company headquartered in Palmdale, Calif. The company is home to several patents that were originally issued to individuals in the city. One patent, numbered 8,616,862, was awarded to Humberto Valenzuela Meza of Tustin, Calif. Another is attributed to Adam Hart, a resident of Braintree, U.K., and Manuel Villagomez Jr., who lives in Corona, Calif.


The City of Palmdale celebrates its 50th anniversary of incorporation on Aug. 24, 2012. The city has experienced steady growth and continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Since 1980, its population has increased from 12,277 to 158,605. Residents cherish small town values while enjoying the conveniences of a thriving commercial and retail sector.

The city is proud to have its residents creating and advancing the world. A patent has been issued to an innovator in the region. One such company, called Bluefin Robotics, is based in the city. The patent was developed with the help of John M. Cortez and Charles G. Hutter III. The patent application was filed on Feb. 27, 2012.

This area is home to a number of innovative businesses and inventions. The city’s residents are responsible for many patents, including one awarded to a California company. The patent covers a system for analyzing web content. This process is known as web analytics. The City of Palmdale has a variety of businesses that employ the technology. These companies provide a wide range of goods and services for consumers.

PTMT’s patent database has the city and county of the inventors listed in their patents. This data is useful for identifying the geographical origin of an invention. In addition, the database includes the ZIP code for the inventor’s home. This data can be used in computer aggregation. While there are many challenges to the data gathered through this method, the data is available to search for and analyze the inventor’s identity.

Another example is a patent issued to Cisco Technology. This technology has been patented by the company in San Jose, Calif. The patent was developed by five co-inventors. They include Jonathan W. Hui of San Jose, Inc., and Liming Wang of Palmdale.

These two Palmdale inventors were awarded patents in July, which is a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to get recognition for their creations. While patents are a good way to protect an invention, patents do not guarantee success. In fact, according to Dennis Crouch, co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship, roughly 50 percent of patents expire prematurely.

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