Inventors and Patents From the City of Oceanside

The City of Oceanside is home to many inventors and innovators. Here are just some of these men: Brian Michael Strauss, Earl Howard Slee, Khoa Dang Vu, Richard Stephen Bein, Todd Jeffrey Hewitt, Mark Philip Ashby, and Khoa Dang Vu.

GP Medical

The City of Oceanside has been home to several inventions. Those inventions are used in a variety of medical fields and include imaging devices, catheters, guidewires, and liquid fusion. GP Medical inventors and patents are a great representation of the city’s creativity and innovation.

National Tsing Hua University

Two Oceanside residents have filed for patents. One, named Gen-Probe, has a patent for DNA amplification and detection. The other is a design for a wheel. These are the results of two separate patent applications filed by Michael A. Morris on Dec. 18, 2009.

Integrated Device Technology is another Oceanside resident with a patent. This invention enables users to see how far they have walked without touching the ground. It is also capable of detecting suspicious activity in vehicles. It has received a patent (No. 7,882,280).

In addition to the patent issued to the Oceanside resident, there are two other Oceanside residents who have been assigned patents. The City of Oceanside is home to several companies that are pursuing patent applications. Inventors from Oceanside include Paul Bunning and Jon M. Arneson. These two companies have been awarded patents for their innovations.

Two other local inventors have been awarded patents for their work. One of these is an invention that involves a software system that handles multiple tasks. Inventors from the Oceanside City have filed patent applications that resulted in multiple innovations. The patents have helped to create jobs for Oceanside residents.

Another Oceanside inventor is David Morgenstern. He filed a patent application on May 1, 2006. Another was filed on Jan. 9, 2009. He has been awarded patents for his innovations.

Novellus Systems

Novellus Systems is a multinational company that develops, manufactures and sells semiconductor equipment. Its headquarters is in San Jose, California. It also has engineering and manufacturing facilities in Bangalore, India and Tualatin, Oregon. The company has filed patent applications in over 25 countries, including the United States and China.

One of Novellus Systems’ patents covers a technique for analyzing the deposit morphology of electroplated copper. It was developed by a team of four co-inventors. It was filed on Dec. 18, 2008 and has a number of co-inventors, including Steven E. Molnar and Jerome F. Duluk. Other co-inventors include Henry P. Moreton and Daniel P. Wilde. They also filed a patent on a method of media file delivery.

The City of Oceanside is home to some of the nation’s top computer technology companies. This award recognizes the contribution of local companies. Novellus Systems has a long list of notable local residents, including the founder of the company, a long-time resident of Oceanside, and a co-founder of the company.

Another local company, Intarcia Therapeutics, was awarded a patent for its new approach to delivering ocular medications. The company was founded in 2004, and has since been awarded multiple patents by Intel.

HID Global

Oceanside has been known for its technological innovations, and one of the best examples of this is HID Global, a company that creates high-end LED lighting. The company has many patents, including one that was granted to Harris Technology, which was developed by Scott C Harris and filed on Oct. 17, 2007. The company also holds patents on a wireless charging system for mobile devices, filed on Sept. 20, 2009, and NanoScale Surface Systems.

Molsoft also holds a patent (7,882,718) for its product, which is called Molsoft. The patent covers systems, methods, and computer programs for creating three-dimensional objects and related information. The company was established in Oceanside in 2006, and has offices in San Jose and Mountain View, Calif.

Besides Gen-Probe, other companies have also received patents for their innovations. The company has been awarded a patent for a new product called MicroScreen. Another company has patented a wheel ornament design. Its patent was issued on Dec. 18, 2009.

Intermolecular was also awarded a patent for a new light-emitting diode. The invention involves an organic material that is embedded in a polymer, such as silicone. The company has teamed up with eight companies that have been involved in developing it. The company is headquartered in San Jose.

Metologic Instruments

The City of Oceanside is looking to hire Instrumentation Technician I (ITI) employees. Instrumentation Technician I jobs are responsible for installing and maintaining instrumentation systems and SCADA controls. They may also install field telemetering equipment. The ITI classification will receive a 3.5% salary increase in January and a 2.5% raise in July 2023.

KLA-tencor Technologies

KLA-tencor Technologies has recently announced the successful development of a new drug for the treatment of heart failure. It is called ERK1RHWp. This gene is essential to the growth of the heart, and it is also known to play a crucial role in the prevention of blood clots. The discovery of this new drug is significant because it could help improve patient care by reducing the risk of heart failure.

The company is also credited with developing a new method for producing quantum dots. The company was founded by Dr. Warren Oliver, who was an expert in nanoscale mechanical testing. The company developed the first force-displacement nanoindenter, which incorporates electromagnetic actuation and a three-parallel plate capacitor that measures displacement. KLA-tencor nanoindentation systems use this new technology. Among the company’s other innovative products is the Tencor P-1 Long Scan stylus profiler, which is the first to offer ultra-flat 200mm scans.

Other notable KLA-tencor Technologies inventors include Al Ammar Ali, a resident of Tustin, Calif., Walter M. Weber, and Ryan Timothy McHale. They filed their patent applications on Oct. 12, 2006, and February 12, 2008, respectively. The company also claims to have an in-house patent on a “patented method of inserting secondary content into programmed primary content.”

The company has also obtained patents for two innovative products. One is a patented method of detecting mycobacteriums. Another is a DNA amplification method. The newest technology is called NanoScale Surface Systems and the company has filed two applications for this new technology.

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