Inventors and Patents From the City of Oak Brook

The article highlights the contributions of some of the people and companies from the area that have received patents. The list includes companies like Cummins-Allison of Mount Prospect, Ill.; Deere & Co. of Moline; Baxter International of Chicago; and Monsanto Technology, St. Louis. In addition, the article highlights the contributions of individuals from the city such as James B. Lake, who has made several important contributions to the field.

Cummins-Allison, Mount Prospect, Ill., has been assigned a patent

The Cummins-Allison Corporation is an American corporation that manufactures and sells high-tech commercial currency processing equipment. The company’s products include ATMs, currency counters and sorters, and more. Its headquarters is located in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

The company has been awarded a patent by the City of Oak Brook for its new process for creating and selling packaging for a new type of food. The invention consists of a method for creating a container with improved release properties. The patent was filed on May 15, 2007.

The patented product is called a “document processing system” and was developed by John E. Jones and his co-inventors. The patent (No. 7,881,519) was assigned to Cummins-Allison, Mount Prospect, Ill.

Another patent issued by the City of Oak Brook has been assigned to Pactiv, Inc. of Mount Prospect, Ill. The patent covers a pallet sheet with upwardly angled edge portions and oppositely oriented cleats. Co-inventors include Mark R. Gartz, of Mount Prospect, Ill., and Jeffrey Hautzinger, of Chicago, Ill. The patent application was filed on Sept. 25, 2006.

The Illinois Lodges are located throughout the state and are held on Mondays, Saturdays, and on the 2nd and fourth Tuesdays before the full moon.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill., has been assigned a patent

John Deere & Co., Moline, Illinois, has been assigned a patent from the City of Oak Brook for an automated work vehicle control system that makes use of potential fields to reduce the cost of fuel. It is not clear why Deere has gotten this patent, but the company has a history of innovation. It is partnering with cloud computing company SAP in developing new products. Deere is frequently recognized for its innovations. The company has been recognized at the SIMA Innovation Awards, and at the Farm Business Cream Awards, which recognize advances in the dairy industry. It has also won an award for a sensor system.

Baxter International, Chicago, has been assigned a patent

A patent assigned to Baxter International, Chicago, was recently developed by three people from the Oak Brook area. The patent was filed on Jan. 8, 2008, and co-inventors are James D. Jacobson of Lindenhurst, Ill., and Tuan Bui of Green Oaks, Ill. Other individuals cited in this patent application include Atif Yardimci and Jorge A. DelCastilio of Des Plaines, Ill.

The patent is for a method of generating intense laser light from laser diode arrays. The invention was developed by Mark R. Gartz, Mount Prospect, Ill., and Jeff Hautzinger of Chicago. The patent application, No. 12/491,002, was filed in the City of Oak Brook.

Another patent assigned by the City of Oak Brook was to Textura. It was created to automate construction payments. It contains hierarchical invoicing and direct payment features. Co-inventors are Patrick J. Allin and Charles C. Cherry.

The patent covers a variety of different applications. The invention also covers a machine vision system. It can be used in telecommunications and agriculture. It is also used in the creation of cranberry sauce. It was first used on 11-20-1986.

Boeing, Chicago, has also been assigned a patent from the City of oak Brook. This company has developed a new type of heat exchanger. Its patent number is 7,881,473.

Monsanto Technology, St. Louis, and Stine Seed Farm, Adel, Iowa, have been assigned a patent

The patent is for a new seed developed by Stine, a farmer from Adel, Iowa. He owns almost 100 percent of the company, which he runs with his four children.

The Stine Seed Company is one of the top four soybean seed companies in the United States. It also sells corn and soft red winter wheat. In 2003, Stine Biotechnology introduces an aerosol beam injector, a patented technique for transferring plant genetics. The new technology continues the Stine Seed Company’s tradition of bringing the most advanced genetics to American farmers. In 2004, Stine was recognized by the Iowa Biotechnology Association and received an award from the Iowa Farm Bureau for Distinguished Service to Agriculture.

While Monsanto has paid farmers $10 billion since 1997, Stine’s relationship with the company extends to the future. While Stine has received royalty payments from Monsanto for Roundup Ready soybeans, Stine’s relationship with the company continues.

The patent will protect Monsanto’s crop from devastating viruses. The technology will protect several important food crops from viral diseases. This technology will help protect the food supply of the United States.

Other companies have also received patents for this technology. In addition to Monsanto, Stine Seed Farm, Adel, Iowa, and Stine Seed Farm, Adel, IA, have each been assigned a patent from the City of Oakland Brook.

UOP, Des Plaines, Ill., has been assigned a patent

UOP, Des Plaines, Illinois, has been awarded a patent for a new method for oligomerizing gaseous hydrocarbons. The new method was developed by the company’s employees in conjunction with four co-inventors. The patent application was filed on Dec. 14, 2012, and covers a number of related technologies.

A number of new patents have recently been awarded in the U.S., including two in Illinois. A number of inventions were created by local companies, including UOP, Des Plaines. In November, several Illinois inventors were awarded federal patents for their work.

A.J. Antunes and Co., located in Carol Stream, Illinois, has been awarded a patent for its conveyor belt for a toaster appliance. The invention was developed by employees of the company, including Jignesh Patel and Chad Elliott of Frankfort, Illinois.

Another new patent has been assigned to a Des Plaines, Illinois company. The invention is based on a method of producing lipid-based wax compositions that are substantially free of fat bloom. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance, located in Normal, Illinois, was also assigned a patent.

The company’s patent no. 10,575,321 was developed in collaboration with three co-inventors. The new method includes enabling guest devices to join private CBRS networks. The co-inventors of the invention include David G. Wiatrowski, and Kok Seng Ang. The invention has received a wide range of applications and is currently being tested.

Creative Kingdoms, Springfield, Ill.

Creative Kingdoms was a company that specialized in experimental gaming products. Founded in 1999, the company became best known for creating the interactive role playing game MagiQuest. In 2010, the company was acquired by Great Wolf Resorts. Creative Kingdoms was subsequently made a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Wolf Resorts.

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