Inventors and Patents From the City of Norcross

In April, a total of seven patents were granted in Norcross, Georgia, according to data from the Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship (CIPE). This article outlines the latest patents awarded in Norcross. The companies included in the list include eCoupled wireless charging technology, Air Products and Chemicals, M&Q IP Leasing, and ExxonMobil Research and Engineering.

eCoupled wireless charging technology

eCoupled is a wireless charging technology developed by Fulton Innovation. This company has been around for less than a year, but its team includes engineers with more than 10 years of experience. It hopes to build the technology into consumer electronics and other products.

Fulton has already demonstrated the technology at CES, demonstrating it not only to charge electronic devices, but to light up a variety of lights. The company also demonstrated a “smart” tabletop that is embedded with eCoupled technology. This tabletop supplies power to whatever is placed on it, including laptops and kettles.

This wireless charging technology works by using a unique identification protocol. This protocol allows Fulton to identify which devices are eCoupled-enabled and which do not. When a device is not recognized, the base station will not supply power to it. Moreover, the base station can tell if a component is charging or not, and will not transfer any energy unless it is fully charged.

eCoupled wireless charging technology from Fulton Innovations has been featured at CES for the past few years. The technology is extremely versatile and enables spatial freedom while charging a device. For example, it allows cell phones to be charged while placed inside of bags, and even when they are not directly touching the charging surface. The company is also backing the America Invents Act.

Air Products and Chemicals

Norcross, Georgia, is one of the most innovative communities in the country. According to a report by TIME magazine, it ranks 14th in the country in U.S. patents per 10,000 residents. In recent years, the city has emerged as a top hub for patents.

Many of Norcross’ inventions were related to farming, including a stump lifter and an accelerated spinner for hand-woven wool. His most notable invention, however, was a diving suit. During the early 19th century, Norcross was working on an underwater suit and was the first to use elastic rubber to fill the suit. The suit was attached to a metal helmet. It included hoses that connected to an air supply.

M&Q IP Leasing

M&Q IP Leasing for inventors & patents is a new service that assists inventors and entrepreneurs in securing space to develop their ideas. The company offers flexible leasing and other services, including equipment and software. M&Q also offers IP consulting, business development and technical assistance.

ExxonMobil Research and Engineering

It is not surprising that Donald Norcross accepts campaign donations from ExxonMobil in each election cycle. After all, the company is the nation’s second-largest emitter of lead. But is he doing his part to protect our planet? It is time to ask him to co-sponsor H.R. 109, which recognizes that the Federal Government must develop a Green New Deal. Moreover, he should cease accepting contributions from ExxonMobil for political purposes.

Firethorn Mobile

In the Food Service Industry, one company in Norcross has two patents: a U.S. patent for a frozen dessert that uses a marinade for a grilled chicken. Another patent for a food product combines ice cream with crackers. Both of these patents cover the same product, but they are in different countries.

KOSS CORPORATION is another company from Norcross, GA that has a patent for the Firethorn mobile. This patent, SN 636,190, was first used on 8-1-1985. It is a loud speaker that features a remote control.

The company also has a U.S. CL. 39 patent for aprons and t-shirts. This patent also covers restaurant services. The company filed this patent on 11-6-1984. It is an extension of its earlier patents for a mobile food delivery service.

The company is also a holder of patents for raising yeast. This invention is the first of its kind in the food service industry. Firethorn has also been featured in several television commercials. CHEMTECH, INC., a Norcross-based company, filed U.S. CL. 46 and SN 641,261 in 1987.

The company has also filed a patent for the Firethorn Mobile, a portable meal delivery service. Firethorn Mobile is a trademark of the company. The company has patented the product and has received patents from the City of Norcross.

Besides the Firethorn Food Delivery System, Firethorn also has a patent for a retaining band for eyeglasses. It also has a patent for instructional video cassettes.

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