Inventors and Patents From the City of Naperville

North Central College is now a Methodist-affiliated school. The Naper Settlement was founded in 1969 and has brought many historic structures from all over the Naperville area together. It serves as a focal point for the community. In the 1980s, the city opened the Riverwalk, a revitalized downtown area that features many acres of park and paths.

Shipston Aluminum Technologies (Michigan)

The City of Naperville, Illinois, is home to a number of innovative companies. One of them is SHIPSTON ALUMINUM TECHNOLOGIES (Michigan) INC., which develops aluminum technology. This company has been headquartered in the City of Naperville since 1995.

Concrete Systems and Stable Concrete Structures (Mass.)

Mass concrete is a type of concrete used to construct large-volume structures. These concrete structures typically do not require high strength or compression, and they can be poured without reinforcements. However, these concrete structures can experience undesirable thermal stresses and adverse chemical reactions, which compromise their long-term strength.

The quality of concrete depends on several factors, including water-to-binder ratio, sound aggregates, and proper placement and curing. For instance, excessive water can cause concrete to become permeable and more vulnerable to weathering. Consequently, it is important to carefully control the amount of water in a concrete mix. It may be necessary to add other additives or materials to achieve desired properties. For example, air-entraining agents may be added to the concrete mix to improve the properties of the concrete.

The hydration reaction in mass concrete releases enormous amounts of heat. This heat is transferred to nearby materials, creating thermal cracks and stress. These cracks increase the risk of corrosion and lead to deterioration. Moreover, these cracks are a major cause of durability problems. Furthermore, temperatures above 160 oF result in unstable hydration products and significant cracking. To mitigate these issues, crushed ice can be mixed with water to reduce the temperature of mass concrete mixtures.

Another important consideration for a structural system is its integrity. Structural steel and reinforced concrete structures are built of welded elements. When properly positioned, reinforcing steel transforms a concrete structure into a series of rigid connections. During construction, these connections are critical and often result in building failure.

Allegro MicroSystems (Mass.)

In Marlborough, Massachusetts, Allegro MicroSystems, LLC is planning to move its headquarters to a larger facility in the summer of 2019. This move is part of a larger restructuring that also includes a 15,000-square-foot expansion in Manchester, New Hampshire. The company currently employs around 220 people at its Marlborough facility.

Allegro MicroSystems employees have an average tenure of 5.4 years and earn $76,225 annually. Their employees are mostly Democrats and donate to the Democratic Party. However, employees are not overwhelmingly liberal. Only 17.3% of employees are members of the Republican Party, while 38% of employees are members of the Democratic Party.

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC designs and develops analog and mixed-signal semiconductors. The company provides a broad range of products that are used in a variety of industries. Their products include magnetic sensor ICs, dual-element switches, micropower switches, LED drivers, and more.

Motorola Solutions (Mass.)

New Balance Athletics has been awarded a patent for its athletic performance monitoring system. The patent was filed on May 15, 2019 and was granted on July 5, 2022. The company is credited with developing the product, which has now been licensed worldwide. In addition to its CEO, Christopher Wawrousek, the patent was developed by five co-inventors, including David A. Melanson of Arlington Heights, Ill., Patrice A. Bedford of Plantation, Florida, and Michael L. Charlier, also of Naperville.

MKS Instruments (Mass.)

MKS Instruments is a Massachusetts-based company that employs 5,400 people. The company ranks #84 on the Zippia Best Companies to Work For list. The list ranks companies based on a combination of proprietary and government data. Employees at MKS Instruments earn an average of $65,648 annually. They are a diverse group, with employees representing a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds.

The company offers instruments, systems, and subsystems for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Its product portfolio includes mass flow controllers, capacitance manometers, vacuum gauges, and process automation controllers. It also offers products for manufacturing solar cells, fiber cables, diamond thin films, and magnetic storage devices.

MKS Instruments has a long history of innovation. The company generates $180M in annual revenue and has more than 2,500 patents. It employs more than 500 degreed scientists. Its instruments are used by more researchers worldwide than any other brand. The company has been using Altium Designer for years, but it was looking for a more convenient way to make remote work possible.

Altium 365 is a material that is used in mass spectrometry devices. MKS Instruments’ Altium 365 technology allows the company to support customers worldwide, ensuring that the equipment performs as intended.

Corvia Medical (Mass.)

Corvia Medical, Inc. is a privately held company that focuses on improving the treatment of heart failure. It is backed by AccelMed, General Catalyst Partners, Lumira Ventures, and Third Rock Ventures, among other investors. It also has an undisclosed strategic investor.

Corvia Medical is a medical device company focused on structural heart devices. Its product, the InterAtrial Shunt Device, treats patients with diastolic heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. It reduces elevated left atrial pressure (LAp), a primary cause of heart failure symptoms.

Corvia Medical has recently closed a $54 million round of equity financing. The money will be used for a confirmatory trial of its atrial shunt. The device is implanted through a catheter between the left and right atria and allows blood to flow from the high-pressure left atrium to the lower-pressure right atrium. The device is designed to reduce the symptoms of heart failure and improve the quality of life for patients.

Corvia Medical’s clinical trials have been met with mixed results. One phase 3 study, REDUCE LAP-HF II, showed a reduction in the number of heart failure events for patients with preserved ejection fraction, but did not result in any improvements in the overall health of the study population. The company presented data on a pre-specified subgroup of the study participants, which showed a reduction in heart-failure-related events, including hospitalizations, unscheduled doctor’s visits, and medications.

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