Inventors and Patents From the City of Modesto

Inventors and patents from the City of Modesto are well represented by several companies. Applied Materials, for example, has a patent for an “apparatus for enabling concentricity in plasma dark space.” Also, Abbott Medical Optics has a patent for a “back-loaded IOL insertion cartridge.” Zeltiq Aesthetics has a patent for an ophthalmic laser.

Applied Materials has been assigned a patent for an “apparatus for enabling concentricity of plasma dark space”

This device is designed to provide a consistent concentricity between a target 112 and a darkspace shield 108. The device also compensates for the thermal coefficient of expansion of the target and darkspace shield.

The patent claims that the invention can be used in a space vehicle. The spacecraft can travel in this environment for a period of up to a year and a half. The spacecraft could then be repositioned to a desired target.

This invention was developed by Applied Materials and co-inventors. Applied Materials is based in Santa Clara, Calif., and the other co-inventors are Alan Ritchie of Menlo Park, Calif., Donny Young of Cupertino, Calif., and Keith A. Miller, a research scientist at the University of California at Santa Clara. SAE Magnetics, meanwhile, is based in Santa Clara, Calif, and Uday Pai is based in San Jose.

The apparatus for enabling concentricity of plasma is based on an elongated annular body 164 with an outer surface 154 and an inner surface 152. The elongated body 164 of the ring 164 comprises a lip 156 that extends beyond the outer edge 158 of the target material. The lip 156 comprises a plurality of openings 160, each of which contains a pin 162 disposed within it.

The apparatus can achieve concentricity in a process chamber. It enables a uniform electric field within the process chamber 100 and promotes uniform processing of substrates. The device can be made of conductive and dielectric materials.

The apparatus may include a chamber lid 134 and an inner volume 148. A process shield 150 may also be provided in the chamber, which prevents deposition of a target material. A first support member 176 may be provided to support the process shield 150.

Another company has been assigned a patent for a portable exercise workstation. The invention is patented by Global Marketing Partners (GMP), a company based in Woodland Hills, Calif. The company’s co-inventors are Tony Esfandiari, Paige Esfandiari, and Gerald Henning. The invention was patented by the company in July 2011.

Abbott Medical Optics has been assigned a patent for a “back loaded IOL insertion cartridge”

The patent, which covers a back loaded IOL insertion cartridge, was developed by Abbott Medical Optics of Santa Ana, Calif., along with four co-inventors. These include David A. Ruddocks, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., and Laurent G. Hoffmann.

The back loaded IOL insertion cartridge has a distal end and a proximal end configured to receive an intraocular lens and deliver it through an incision in the eye. It may have an inner surface made of a polymeric material having a hardness of at least 50 D and elongation at break of at least 150%. The back loaded IOL insertion cartridge has an angled slit in a distal portion that receives the IOL, and an outer surface that defines a tapering pathway for the IOL to be inserted.

The invention describes a method and system for modulating fluid delivery and aspiration during a vitrectomy procedure. The method and apparatus includes a control module and a variable gas pressure regulator arrangement. The control module regulates gas pressure received from a gas pressure supply, and an accumulator stores gas at a chosen pressure.

The back loaded IOL insertion cartridge may be made of polymer or silicone. The haptics may fold over the optic, allowing it to remain folded during transfer and storage. In addition, it may include a recessed-edged cap.

The back loaded IOL insertion cartridge can be used in a variety of surgical procedures, including cataract surgery. These innovative devices are able to provide patients with comfortable lens fitting. In addition, they can adjust the power of an intraocular lens based on ocular force.

The back loaded IOL insertion cartridge also features soft-lubricious coatings on the ocular surfaces. Such coatings can help the lens to be implanted through small incisions. Moreover, it also prevents lens damage. The coatings form interpenetrating networks on hydrophobic structural polymers. This helps to block the transmission of violet-blue light through the lens.

Groupon has been assigned a patent for facilitating consumer payments and redemption of deal offers

The patent covers a process for processing payments for deal offers. This involves capturing deal information, such as the time and place, as well as the amount of the discount. The system will then validate each offer using an Acquirer ID and a Card Acceptor ID specific to the merchant location.

The new system will also allow deal companies and distributors to track the overage associated with the deals redeemed by consumers. Overage tracking is a key metric for deal companies and distributors. The overage tracking system will incorporate MRS features and MasterCard’s InControl(r) authorization system.

Zeltiq Aesthetics has been assigned a patent

Zeltiq Aesthetic based in Pleasanton, California, has been awarded a patent. The patent was developed by nine co-inventors and covers a device for removing heat from subcutaneous lipid-rich cells. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs who have a background in laser technology. They have been developing their technology since 2005.

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