Mobile Inventors and Patents From the City ofMobile

The City ofMobile is home to many inventors, and the City ofMobile has been awarded federal patents in numerous categories. You can research Inventors’ mobile IP addresses and IDs by searching for them. You can also browse their patents and learn about their backgrounds. The following are a few interesting stories about Inventors from Mobile. Read on to learn about their unique mobile IP addresses and IDs.

Inventor IDs

Inventor IDs are a unique way to identify individuals who have invented inventions. These unique identifications are created using geospatial information. These inventor IDs can be linked to patents to determine the inventors. These inventor IDs are comma separated and include the inventors, assignees and the year of the invention.

In the City of Mobile, inventor IDs are highly localized. The City of Mobile inventor ID is linked to inventors and assignees that live within a 20-kilometer radius. If inventors live outside of Mobile, their geolocations are not related. In this case, inventor IDs from other cities may be misplaced.

Mobile inventor IDs have a second character, ‘M,’ to indicate rank among other mobile inventors. Hence, an Inventor ID for the City of Mobile identifies the inventor who has a higher number of patents within a 20-kilometer region. HM2 is the inventor with the second highest number of patents in the same geographic region, with at least one high-resolution geolocation.


A trove of patent data can be used to uncover information on innovation, technology evolution, and knowledge production. However, there is a key challenge to mining this rich data – name disambiguation. Name disambiguation is a process that uniquely identifies the parties involved in the knowledge production process. To achieve this, we developed a geolocation-based algorithm that disambiguates inventors and assignees by geographic location.

Mobile inventor IDs are distinguished by their second character of ‘M,’ indicating their ranking relative to other mobile inventor IDs. For example, LM1 is the inventor with the most patents in a 20-km area. All geolocations for LM1 are low-resolution, while HM2 is the second most prolific in this area, with at least one high-resolution geolocation. Inventor IDs are also uniquely identifiable by the raw address on the patent.

Another group of inventors is Gerhard Thielman and his son Benjamin. They co-invented a self-contained mobile platform, which was later patented by the Navy. This invention, which combines a tractor and a robot, can be used to move objects.

Mobile, Alabama has a rich history of innovation. Among the notable inventions are the earliest mobile phones. Professor Joe McGeehan was a renowned mobile radio engineer who worked with the Securicor company to create the first mobile radio. The device was patented in 1920 and became a standard in cars. Another pioneering inventor from Mobile, Alabama is Lonnie Johnson, who is a former Air Force and NASA engineer. He is also known for the development of the Super Soaker.

Alexander Graham Bell is generally credited with the invention of the telephone. He patented an apparatus in 1873 that was able to transmit sounds electrically and telegraphically. His father, who was a teacher, also developed a system of teaching deaf children to speak by studying the mechanics of speech.

Inventors’ mobile IDs

Inventors’ mobile IDs can be used to find patent assignees, but if these are not geolocated, they are likely to be inaccurate. The algorithm used to disambiguate them uses geospatial information to make the matches. This data is highly localized and allows for inventors to move between cities or countries and still maintain their identity.

Inventors’ mobile IDs are ranked by the number of patents they have filed in a specific geographic region. The first character in the mobile ID is the inventor’s raw address, the second character indicates their rank among all other mobile inventors. For example, LM1 has the most patents issued in a single 20km region. HM2 has the second highest number of patents issued in that region.

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