Inventors and Patents From the City of McAllen

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce has an Innovation Grant program to encourage the development of new ideas. The program provides up to $10,000 for entrepreneurs to start new businesses. The program helps applicants practice real-world scenarios to solicit funding for their business ideas. A quality presentation is critical to the success of the program.

UTRGV professors invent railroad safety improvement

Three UTRGV professors have collaborated on the invention of a railroad safety improvement system. Their team will be one of eight in the United States to work on the project. The invention is a multidisciplinary effort to understand the nature of polymeric and nanoparticle based materials. Professors of the School of Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics are part of the consortium. They will be able to pool their talent and focus on predictive understanding of these materials.

One of their discoveries, a wireless sensor for the wheel bearings in railcars, will be used by the industry to monitor train safety. The UTRGV professors worked on the project for 17 years and are now in the final stages of testing. The invention will be installed in railcars across the U.S., and they will receive royalty payments from the company.

The University Transportation Center for Railway Safety (UTCRGV) organized several railway safety summer camps. They were open to students in grades three through twelve. The camps were held June 6 to July 8 and culminated with an awards ceremony and daylong competition. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa will speak at the closing ceremony. The summer camps are among the largest transportation-related summer camps in the country and average over 250 students each week.

The UTRGV professors’ research on railroad safety has earned national recognition. Their work has led to the establishment of the University Transportation Center for Railway Safety (UTCRS). UTRGV is the lead institution, with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Texas A&M University as partners. Their research is focused on improving highway-rail grade crossing safety.

The committee on committees is responsible for advising the Dean on the creation of committees. It also reviews the effectiveness of committees and recommends changes as necessary. Its members include faculty representatives from various departments, the Assembly, and the UTRGV faculty. There are several subcommittees of the CCAC, and the Chair is responsible for directing them.

Professors of the UTRGV School of Medicine are working on improving the rail industry’s safety. Their work is focused on improving public safety and ensuring public health. The faculty also conducts research on the motor and degeneration of stroke victims. They are also working to create a path between UTRGV and South Texas College.

Dr. Jianzhi Li is the principal investigator for the project. The research team also includes national research centers and national laboratories, defense manufacturers, and industry. It is a collaborative effort between UTRGV and these organizations. This project is a win-win situation for all.

McAllen Chamber of Commerce offers competitive pricing for inventors

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the community. Young entrepreneurs who want to create a business in McAllen are encouraged to apply for grants from the organization. The McAllen Chamber Innovation and Entrepreneur Program provides grants to startups in the pre-launch stage of their business.

The Chamber offers grants for innovative entrepreneurs up to $50,000 in increments of $10,000. This money is provided for patent searches, market feasibility assessments, legal fees, and other startup costs. The program has supported companies such as FibeRio, which produces nanofibers. Other award recipients include Sam Shipp, the creator of the popular “Knife Glider” toy, and Lamar Jones, who invented a gourmet barbecue sauce, Jank, which is sold at H-E-B stores.

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce has been putting together brainstorming sessions for entrepreneurs in the community. This program is modeled after similar programs at Harvard University and MIT, and aims to help area residents find success in their own businesses. For more information, visit McAllen Idea Place at 15th Street.

Impact of IBM patents on Austin

IBM, the world’s largest technology corporation, continues to dominate the patent world. In 2013, IBM racked up 6,809 new patents, more than any other company in the U.S., even beating rival Samsung Electronics Co. Those patents include cloud computing, data analytics, and Watson, IBM’s supercomputer. In Austin, IBM’s patent activity is increasing, too, with over 2,000 new patents being granted in 2013.

IBM has long been a major contributor to Austin’s tech industry. One of its most prolific inventors is an IBM fellow named Ravi Arimilli. The company has an impressive patent total and an innovative culture that encourages creativity. One of IBM’s recent patents, for popcount technology, uses algorithms to reduce the number of instructions needed in a computer program.

IBM has also sued a Swiss-based company for infringing on its patents. The company’s founders, including Neon, tried to copy and distribute IBM mainframe software without paying royalties, but they were banned from reverse engineering and compiling IBM software. As a result, IBM has sued LzLabs, and is seeking an injunction to prevent them from using their technology.

In the late 1970s, IBM entered the office copier market. However, it turned down the opportunity to purchase xerography technology. In 1973, the company was sued by the Xerox Corporation for patent infringement. After settling the lawsuit, IBM’s organic photoconductors became widely used in copiers.

IBM researchers have patented several important inventions, including the foundational Blockchain technology. This technology allows people to share and store transactions securely. Users can use different encryption keys for different kinds of data. The company has also patented significant quantum computing innovations. Some of these discoveries have the potential to miniaturize quantum computer components. They may even be able to integrate discrete elements into a single quantum chip.

Flores has also created a training program for computer system architects. Over 50 engineering newbies have been trained in the program, and 35 of them have filed their first patents. Currently, Flores sits on Baylor University’s board of advocates, and helps develop the university’s cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence programs. She is also working with IBM’s chief technology officer, Chris Krause.

IBM began to shift from the PC market to the client/server model, with clients serving data and applications to servers. This fundamentally reshaped the company. IBM’s customer relationships were no longer as important as they once were. Furthermore, IBM was forced to concentrate more on piece-part technologies and less on integrated solutions. This shifted the focus to personal productivity rather than on enterprise-wide business applications.

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