Inventors and Patents From the City of Libertyville

Libertyville is a small town in Illinois that is home to many inventors. One of the companies that has received federal patents is Motorola Mobility, which is located in Libertyville. This company has developed technology that allows mobile devices to perform specific actions even when locked. Co-inventors of this patent include Catherine T. Nguyen, of Libertyville, and Nathan J. Fortin, of Morgan Hill, California. Other patent holders include Rachid El Guerrab, of Oceanside, California, and Key-Wan Sung, of Irvine, California. Other inventors from Libertyville include Matthew L. Oursbourn, of Morgan Hill, California, and Timothy R. Richards of Libertyville, Illinois.


If you are looking for information about inventors or patents, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find the necessary forms for registering your invention. In order to receive an Inventor’s Patent, you must be identified by his or her legal name. For those who do not have a family name, it’s not necessary to list a second name.

An inventor is the person who contributes to the conception of the invention. An invention can be anything, including a machine, process, or design. It can also be a new, useful improvement on an existing product. A patent can be granted for an invention that is useful to a particular industry.

The PASS program helps young inventors protect their inventions. This program utilizes experienced volunteers to work with entrepreneurs. For a one-time fee, the program will work with an attorney for the patent application process. Applicants are responsible for paying a $100 initial patent fee.

An inventor’s mailing address is the place where the inventor receives mail. The address can be the inventor’s home, business, or post office box. Make sure to include the ZIP code. This address is essential for correspondence with the Office of Patent Trial and Appeal. Using an attorney’s address will not suffice as it is not the inventor’s actual mailing address.

The history of Libertyville can be traced back to the early nineteenth century. The town has an active, historical community that embraces its rich heritage. Located in south central Lake County, Libertyville has traditionally been a service and market center. Its population has doubled since the 1960s, and it’s part of the Chicago metropolitan area’s economy.

In the United States, inventors must state their citizenship. Applicants must state their citizenship in the application, unless the applicant is deceased or incapacitated. Inventors can also claim to be a joint inventor. However, they must state their citizenship and residence address in their application.

Applicants should also present an oath or declaration under 37 CFR 1.63. If a joint inventor or joint applicant does not file an ADS, the applicant should file separate oath or declaration. The oath or declaration must be signed by all the co-inventors and must be filed concurrently.

Inventors in Illinois

In the month of July, six Libertyville, Illinois, inventors were awarded patents for their products. Among them were Hollister Incorporated, which filed for a patent on July 7 and had it approved on July 12. However, although patents are required for inventions, they are not a guarantee of success, according to Dennis Crouch, co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship. According to Crouch, roughly 50 percent of patents fail because of costs and lack of success.

If you’d like to learn more about the city’s history, you can visit the Libertyville Historical Society, located in the Ansel B. Cook Victorian Museum House. The society is a wealth of information, and the Cook Memorial Public Library has additional resources.

The City of Libertyville, Illinois has been home to many successful inventions. Among them is the patent for resource block based transmitter optimization in wireless communication devices. The patent has been assigned to four co-inventors. These include Ryan J. Goedken, of Libertyville, and Armin W. Klomsdorf, of Chicago. Other co-inventors include Thomas D. Nagode and Dale G. Schwent, of Schaumburg.

The company has also been awarded a patent for split-shell fractionation columns. The patent was filed Dec. 14, 2012 by David William Ablin and Jason T. Corradi. The city is also home to numerous other inventors. The UOP patent was assigned to UOP on Dec. 28, 2011.

Inventors in Wisconsin

The City of Libertyville is home to many inventors, including many who have been awarded patents. Many of these patents have been awarded to local companies, including Medline Industries. For example, a patent was issued to Medline Industries for a knee walker that enables users to walk with ease. In addition, this patent was also awarded to companies such as Baxter International in Deerfield, Illinois, and Glattpark, Switzerland. Inventors also include local residents such as Frank A. and Fred L. Lovejoy, who were both Civil War veterans.

One of the earliest patents issued in Libertyville was to the Gisholt Machine Company. This company manufactured harrows and a disk sharpener. In the early 1900s, the company received recognition for its invention, and was awarded a bronze medal at the 1905 Chicago World’s Fair. Today, this patent is held by the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company.

Another patent was assigned to Abbott Molecular, and was assigned to six co-inventors. The patent, for a double-stranded linear nucleic acid probe, was originally filed on June 13, 2016. This patent was originally filed in Libertyville. Other co-inventors include: Arthur Gomtsyan, Jerome F. Daanen, Gregory A. Gfesser, Chih-Hung Lee, Heat A. McDonald, Pamela S. Puttfarcken, and Larry E. Morrison.

Another Wisconsin-born inventor, Emil Hanson, was a busy man raising his family. He worked hard to perfect his inventions, patent them, and market them. He influenced his family by passing his knowledge on to his sons and grandchildren. The result of all of this effort resulted in four U.S. patents and was named in the fourth.

Another way to look at patents for a city is to look at the total number of patents filed in a given year. Then, divide that figure by the closest year of available population data from the Census. This calculation is then used to create a ranking of cities by the average number of patents per 10,000 residents, from 1976 to 2016. As of 2016, this data was not yet complete, so we have not included those figures.

Two other Evansville residents made a significant contribution to the community as well. The baker family, which owned the Baker Windmill Company, helped an Evansville resident secure a patent in 1890. Their son, Allen S. Baker, was an inventor, and his brother, John Baker, worked on steel supports for windmills.

Inventors are more likely to succeed if they are already skilled in a certain field. For instance, Emil’s work with automobiles led to three patented inventions. His involvement in dairy farming also led to an additional one. In the patent world, this baseline level of expertise is called “ordinary skill in the art.” Using the same knowledge and skills, an inventor creates a new device or process that meets a specific need.

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