Inventors and Patents From the City of Jersey City

For more than 40 years, the R&D Council of New Jersey has recognized and celebrated the achievements of exceptional inventors and research conducted in the state. These awards honor the most innovative ideas and innovations from the state, including inventions by Thomas Alva Edison, the most famous inventor in New Jersey and the world. Nominations are evaluated based on novelty, utility/socioeconomic value, and commercial impact.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison founded a factory in East Newark, New Jersey, in 1881. Soon after, he moved to New York and opened a laboratory. This lab included a machine shop, photograph department, and library. It was also equipped with ancillary buildings for chemistry, metallurgy, and galvanometer testing.

Thomas Edison’s forebears originally came from New Jersey, but later settled in Nova Scotia, Canada. Later, they fought against the Americans in the War of 1812. Nancy Elliott was born in New York, but her family moved to Vienna, Canada. She met Samuel Edison, Jr., and the two of them married. Later, in 1878, they had two children, William Leslie Edison and Nancy Helen.

Thomas Edison’s company also molded bathtubs and pianos, as well as cabinets for phonographs. They shipped these items around the country as a publicity stunt. The company also put stickers on the packaging and asked shippers to handle them roughly to attract attention. Edison was supposed to unveil the cabinets in New York City at an annual cement industry show, but he never made it to the event.

Thomas Edison also patented the Webermeter. It was a device that had two or four electrolytic cells. The cells contained zinc at one electrode and a zinc sulfate solution at the other. It was used in lighting systems in major cities. His patents also covered the process of manufacturing carbons, which led to the incandescent light bulb.

Jerome Lemelson

Jerome Lemelson, an inventor and patent attorney from Jersey City, has a long and varied history. His inventions have benefited the world in a variety of ways. He was an advocate of the rights of independent inventors and served on a federal advisory panel on patent issues from 1976 to 1979. His patents have covered everything from automated warehouses to the magnetic tape drive found in Sony Walkman tape players.

Lemelson was described as a “workaholic” who often spent twelve to fourteen hours a day jotting down ideas. His notebooks were estimated to number in the thousands. In addition to his work on industrial products, he also applied concepts from high-tech fields to toys. His inventions include the velcro target game, a wheeled toy, a board game, and an improved version of the propeller beanie.

Today, judicial processes are much more lenient than in the past. In many cases, juries are willing to side with inventors in patent battles against large companies. Although there are still significant risks, the rewards can be great. This new judicial system has led high-powered patent law firms to risk millions of dollars on a case. In the past, most patent law firms would not take on such a risk with an unproven prospect.

Dixon Crucible Works

The Dixon Crucible Works, founded in 1827, is a manufacturing company that manufactures lead pencils. Its crude material comes from the mines near Fort Ticonderoga, New York. Its inventors have invented many processes and machines. Today, the company has 10 locations in seven states and employs more than 400 people.

Dixon moved his company from Salem, Mass., to Jersey City in 1850. The company was a large manufacturing plant with many buildings. Dixon’s inventions included graphite crucibles used in making iron and steel. He also invented a steel-making process by refining it using his own design furnace. In addition to making iron, he also invented stove polish and pencils. His first year of operation brought him a profit of $60,000, while his losses were around $5,000.

In 1850, Joseph Dixon received multiple patents for graphite crucibles. In addition, he patented equipment to automate the process of making pencils. This included a planing machine made of cedar wood that shaped it to receive soft graphite. Dixon’s pencil covers probably came from California and were made from Incense Cedar, which grows in this area.

Ethicon Endo-Surgery

Ethicon Endo-Surgeries was founded in Somerville, NJ, over 80 years ago. The company is known for its innovative products and services in the field of surgery. The company’s products and technologies help surgeons treat a variety of surgical conditions, including gastrointestinal and thoracic conditions. The company combines two market-leading legacy companies.

The R&D Council of New Jersey (R&D Council) recently announced the winners of the 2021 Thomas Edison Patent Awards. The awards recognize innovative research from New Jersey. The patents are evaluated by R&D Council researchers based on novelty, utility and commercial impact. The ceremony was held at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City and celebrated the work of several New Jersey inventors and companies. The event also honored Stevens Institute of Technology and Siemens Healthineers’ Joint Replacement Division.

Ethicon also owns a patent for an endoscopic linear cutter. This device allows the surgeon to make an incision in tissue and then insert a staple. This device also features a lockout mechanism that prevents the firing apparatus from being used in an empty cartridge.

Deloitte Development

Jersey City, New Jersey-based Deloitte Development has been awarded a patent for its invention of a collective threat intelligence gathering system. The patent was developed with the help of seven co-inventors. They include Mark W. Nicholson of Colts Neck, New Jersey, Jonathon Lance James of Jersey City, and Joel Lathrop of Westfield, New Jersey. Inventors from New York and Connecticut also participated in the development of this patent, which is assigned to Deloitte Development LLC of Hermitage.

R&D Council

The R&D Council of Jersey City is a nonprofit organization that promotes science and technology. The R&D Council has several programs and initiatives that aim to enhance the workforce. These include STEM and scholars initiatives. The organization also strives to meet the challenges of a changing economy and workplace.

One program offers annual scholarships to New Jersey high school students. These scholarships recognize outstanding work in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. The foundation’s members evaluate applicants on their academic ability and financial need. They also participate in a panel discussion with education experts and R&D Council members.

Another initiative aims to encourage more high-tech companies to locate in the state. New Jersey’s biotech sector is growing. It is home to more than three hundred biotech companies. In fact, the R&D Council of Jersey City recently held an international event aimed at mid-Atlantic companies and invited representatives from over 20 countries. The countries represented at the event included Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Belgium, and Singapore.

Ying Wu College of Computing at NJIT

Ying Wu earned his Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from NJIT in 1988. The native of Beijing, China, lives in New Jersey with his wife, Yalan. Both Wus have a passion for technology and are involved in the development of many startups.

The Ying Wu College of Computing at NJIIT will offer graduate-level computer science and information science programs this fall. The college will open in Jersey City, a short walk from the Exchange Place PATH station. YWCC dean Craig Gotsman said the city is a perfect location for these programs.

The dean of the Ying Wu College of Computing at NJ IT, Craig Gotsman, is well known for the cutting-edge software technologies he has created. His work has been commercialized and patented in multiple fields. He has been named a Fellow of the U.S. National Academy of Inventors.

Graduates of the college enjoy creative and intellectually challenging jobs in major companies. Graduates of the Ying Wu College of Computing can work in a variety of fields, including software development, computer engineering, and data analytics. NJIT also boasts a strong research and development program. It has been ranked as the seventh most ethnically diverse national university by the US News and World Report.

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