Local Inventors and Patents From Itasca, Illinois

Itasca, is a village in DuPage County, Illinois, United States and is located  northwest of downtown Chicago. It is also close to O’Hare International Airport, major expressways and rail transportation.

This article covers a few of the local patents in Itasca.

Knowles Electronics, LLC Patents

Knowles Electronics, LLC is a company based in Itasca, Illinois and is a global provider of advanced micro-acoustic microphones and speakers, audio processing and precision device solutions.

The company is an assignee to several patents in its field including a patent for a microphone assembly with digital feedback loop. The patent abstratct reads thus;

A microphone assembly includes a transducer element and a processing circuit . The processing circuit includes an analog – to – digital converter ( ADC ) configured to receive , sample and quantize a microphone signal generated by the transducer element to generate a corresponding digital microphone signal.

The company has also received a patent entitled, ‘Apparatus and method for matching the response of microphones in magnitude and phase.’ The invention is for matching the response of a pair of microphones which provide a first and second output, respectively, in response to an audible input.

Additionally, the company received a patent for speech signal separation and synthesis based on auditory scene analysis and speech modeling. The invention gives systems and methods for generating clean speech from a speech signal representing a mixture of a noise and speech.

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Individual Patents in Itasca

Some other patents assigned to inventors in Itasca are as follows:

A patent for the ornamental design of a toy with parts having multiple positions. The patent has been assigned to Enesco LLC, an Itasca based company.

A patent for a ‘Potato-planter‘ assigned to Ernst Schroeder an Itasca based blacksmith in June 25, 1895.

A patent for an ‘adjustable regulator anti-seize valve‘ assigned to Robertshaw Controls Company, an Itasca based company.

A patent for an ‘open-ended container closure‘ which is a tray wherein the closure element is easily inserted into the tray so as to retain the tray contents but is quickly removed therefrom to facilitate dispensing of the container contents. The patent has been assigned to Bachi Co, an Itasca, Ill. based company.

Boeing Patents

The Boeing Company, based in Chicago, has received several patents for its various inventions in the air transport industry. One such invention is for a device that can be used to gauge turbulence in an airflow. The patent describes a system that measures turbulence over a pre-determined geographical region. The system can monitor turbulence in a flight and convey the information to the aircrew. The data can be sent in several forms, including audio alerts, maps, and visual overlays. The system can also communicate the information to the air traffic control tower and to other aircraft.

In a similar way, Boeing has received a patent for uninterruptible autopilot. This system eliminates the need for pilots to monitor the flight. The system can be activated remotely, via onboard sensors, or by government agencies. The system can further engage an automatic control system when the security of the onboard controls is jeopardized.

Other patents assigned to Boeing include; Patent for an “apparatus and method for composite material trim-on-the-fly.”, patent for a “dual gap thermo-tunneling apparatus and methods“, patent for a “remote gateway selection in an interplanetary communications network and method of selecting and handing over remote gateways” among others.

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Motorola Schaumburg, Ill. patent patent for spectrum sharing

Motorola, Schaumburg, Ill., has been assigned a patent for spectrum sharing from the City of Itasca. The patent covers spectrum sharing among wireless carriers. This technology is being used to make cell phones and other wireless devices. It is intended for emergency services, government agencies and other users of wireless communication.

The patent covers a monitoring system that includes antennas for monitoring, a spectrum analyzer and a device for processing data. The company also retains all rights to the software and related software.

Another patent is issued to Baxter International, Schaumburg, Ill. The company developed a system that allows for a network that can share spectrum. This technology is enabling more efficient wireless communications.

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