Inventors and Patents From the City of Honolulu

Inventors and Patents From the city of Honolulu celebrates the achievements of more than 60 local inventors. The event, presented by the American Savings Bank, also launched the Hawaii chapter of the National Academy of Inventors, a nonprofit organization comprised of more than 200 U.S. universities and 3,000 individual members. The event also honored three alumni who successfully commercialized their inventions.


Inventors and patents from the City of Honolulu were recently honored at a dinner hosted by the University of Hawaii. This dinner was the first of its kind in the state and launched the University’s chapter of the National Academy of Inventors, which includes more than 200 universities and 3,000 individual members. The event featured three UH alumni who shared their experiences in commercializing their inventions.

Inventor Sean Gilmore has had many successes with his Sleepover Bed Tent. He has won several state and local competitions and received a patent for his creation. The invention allows children of different ages to sleep in the same tent. This innovative tent is now available for purchase at his website.

Another patent assigned to Vertex Pharmaceuticals covers a method of determining the best way to use a femtocell. The invention also covers a method of identifying the most efficient use of the device. In addition to the three co-inventors from Honolulu, other inventors from the city include Muriel Y. Ishikawa and Roderick A. Hyde of Bellevue, Wash.

The USPTO’s website is a useful resource for finding inventors. It has a search bar and a quick search option. You can also look for a specific invention by using a term in the “Abstract” field. The abstract is a short description of the invention.


Inventors in Hawaii have won record numbers of patents over the past year, with 210 issued in 2010 alone. These inventions range from a repair kit for broken rubber slippers to high-tech concrete that can detect cracks and weaknesses in structures. These 210 patents represent a 57 percent increase over 2009.

To search for specific patents and inventions, you can use the USPTO’s patent search information site. This site contains detailed information about patent law and provides contact information for patent practitioners. It also features a list of resources for inventors, including the USPTO’s free patent assistance program, which provides legal services for financially under-resourced inventors and small businesses. Inventors can also visit PatentCafe, a cafe that serves coffee and other refreshments for the public.

A patent gives the owner exclusive rights over an invention. It allows the owner to make and sell it to others, and is enforced by the government. Utility patents protect machines, processes, and ideas that make a product or process useful. Design patents guard against unauthorized use of ornamental designs.


UMKC Inventors and Patent Programs focus on assisting inventors in obtaining patents. The program is comprised of attorneys, intellectual property specialists, and former patent examiners. It is not a physical facility, but rather a resource center for the public that provides information and guidance on all matters related to intellectual property and patents.

Merck & Co.

Merck & Co. is a leading global health care company that provides a range of prescription medicines, biologic therapies and animal health products. The company is organized into two distinct segments: Pharmaceuticals and Animal Health. The Pharmaceutical segment focuses on human health pharmaceutical products. These products are generally sold through prescriptions and through drug wholesalers, hospitals and government agencies.

Merck produces a range of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for both humans and animals. It is the first company to introduce smallpox vaccine for commercial use in the U.S. It also produces vaccines for animal health, including vaccines against the HPV virus (Gardasil). The pharmaceutical giant has a large number of successful products in both animal and human healthcare, including birth control and diabetes treatments.

The company began by acquiring smaller companies. Its main objective was to develop new pharmaceutical products and expand its distribution network. In 1889, Merck published the Merck Index, an encyclopedia of drugs and chemicals with biological information. It then went on to create the Merck Manual in 1899.

Cercacor Laboratories

Cercacor Laboratories has filed for patents on its inventions. These include patents granted by the USPTO and pending patent applications. In addition, the company owns a patent on a pulse oximeter.

The company has been suing Apple Inc. in court, alleging the company stole its trade secrets and intellectual property. The company, which trades under the NASDAQ symbol MASI, focuses on health technology and patient monitoring. In 1998, it spun off certain technologies. Today, Cercacor Laboratories is the parent company of Masimo Corporation, and Joe Kiani serves as CEO. The companies share nearly all intellectual property.

The lawsuit has 127 patent documents. Its case number is 8:20-cv-00048 in the US District Court for the Central District of California. Cercacor has been sued by Apple for infringement of 10 patents and strategic business information.

Design patents

Design patents can protect the ornamental appearance of a product. This type of patent is used to prevent unscrupulous vendors from copying the visual look of consumer goods and selling them at low prices. This practice damages the value of legitimate products and the reputation of the rightful manufacturer.

Design patents cover the appearance and structure of a product. They are not renewable. A design patent can last for 14 years. However, it is recommended to file a new design patent if a product under patent develops subtle changes in its appearance. This is because the original design patent may not protect a new variation of the product.

Several companies in Hawaii have received design patents. One of the top companies is Oceanit Laboratories Inc., which has received four patents. There are also several other companies based on the island that have received patents. Another local company, TAJIRI LUMBER, was recognized by the Patent and Trademark Office for its hydraulically operated ripper tool. The patented tool won a bid to tear down five steel tanks in Pearl City.

The City of Honolulu has designated its State Library as a Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC). The PTRC is located on the second floor of the library. The PTRC is a public resource for free patent and trademark information.

Plant patents

Plant patents are a form of intellectual property protection. In the U.S., these rights are unique and may not be covered by other types of intellectual property. These patents can protect plants, including those used as food, fiber, medicine, and decorative items. Applicants must describe the plant in detail in order to obtain a patent.

In addition to being distinctive, a plant may qualify for patent protection if it is a new and distinct species. It must be capable of asexual reproduction (different from grafting or propagation from seeds) to qualify for patent protection. It cannot be tuber-propagated or uncultivated.

A plant patent will last for 20 years. If approved, it will protect the plant and give the inventor exclusive rights to produce and use it for the purpose of the patent. The inventor will also have the right to exclude the use or sale of the plant. It will take approximately two years to obtain a plant patent from the City of Honolulu.

The inventor of a plant is a person or group of people who are directly involved in the development of a new plant. This person or group may have developed the plant through asexual reproduction. More than one person may be an inventor, but only one person can claim the patent. Co-inventors include employees, collaborators, and those who perform asexual reproduction.

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