Inventors and Patents From the City of Grand Prairie

If you are interested in becoming an inventor, there are several factors to consider. First of all, you must identify what type of invention you are working on. This will allow you to choose a patent attorney or patent firm. It is also important to consider the location of the firm.

Inventors and Patents

Grand Prairie has a rich history of invention. This book includes an illustrated history of the city as well as stories of families, organizations, and companies. In addition to this, it features an index of patents and inventors. The book is organized chronologically. The timeline includes inventions that took place before 1890, those that took place between 1946 and 1991, and those that took place after 1991.


Innovators and entrepreneurs seeking to protect their intellectual property are encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney. Attorneys for inventors and patents from Grand Prairie can help them secure protection for their ideas. These professionals also offer assistance in business formation, patents, trademarks, and other areas of legal practice.

To find an attorney specializing in these fields, users can search the online profiles of attorneys for inventors and patents from the City’s local bar association. Their profiles include contact information, education, and biographical information. Links to their firm’s and personal websites are also included, making it easy to connect with a Grand Prairie inventor or patent attorney.

A patent attorney can assist you in commercializing your invention, taking it from your mind to the marketplace. Patent attorneys can help you protect your invention and obtain compensation. These professionals understand the nuances of the patent laws and the process of litigation. In order to protect your intellectual property, you should seek the advice of a patent attorney with extensive experience in this field.


The City of Grand Prairie is looking for contractors to complete a variety of construction projects. These projects include two new hotels, a water park and a large outdoor lawn. The city is now accepting bids for these projects and construction is expected to start later this year. The city is also planning to develop a new community, known as Epic Central, which will include five lakes, a water park and a recreation center. Construction on this project is expected to take about 12 to 18 months.

In the recent past, the City of Grand Prairie has teamed with several companies to complete projects. One such project is a new city hall in the development area. The new building is being built between the existing City Hall building and the city’s Development Center building. It will house the city’s central offices and key city officials. The project team worked to minimize disruptions to city operations while creating a new architecturally cohesive design that blends seamlessly with the existing buildings.

In addition to this, the City of Grand Prairie is also known as Grand Prairie. This city is located in Texas and is home to the 2020 census population of 200,640. It is a city with a welcoming atmosphere and a welcoming community. Many of its residents are dual income homeowners who enjoy family and community life.

The city has a long history in the aerospace and defense industry. It was home to the North American Aviation Plant B, which produced the Consolidated B-24 Liberator, as well as a P-51C Mustang variant. The plant was eventually purchased by Vought Aircraft, which was later acquired by Ling Temco Vought.

The MLC stadium, which will house the USA Cricket National Teams, will also include a High Performance Center. The project is expected to cost $20 million. It is estimated that Grand Prairie Stadium will have the capacity of over 15,000 for major events. The project’s budget includes demolition and reconstruction of the stadium.


If you’re interested in finding out where inventors and patents have lived, you’ve come to the right place. Zippia’s comprehensive directory of Grand Prairie, Texas, contains detailed information about local companies and employees. This data comes from self-reported information, as well as public and proprietary sources like the BLS and company filings.

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