Inventors and Patents From the City of Garden Grove, California

If you’re interested in learning about Inventors in Garden Grove, California, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about the Garden Grove Inventors and their patents. You’ll also learn how to apply for a patent, a process that is incredibly simple.


The City of Garden Grove is in northern Orange County, California, approximately 34 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The city was originally part of Rancho Las Bolsas, which was granted to Ramon Yorba in 1872. It incorporated as a city in 1956 and has grown to over 44,000 residents.

In this section, you can learn about local inventors and their inventions. Point Somee and other city residents are the co-inventors of Patent 8,568,956, covering an electrical method for lighting devices. Other co-inventors include: Anatoly Shteynberg, San Jose; Dongsheng Zhou; Stephen F. Dreyer; and Harlan Ohara. The patent was filed in October 2011.

Other local inventors include Warren R. Stearns, who lives in Sioux Falls. Another local inventor is Andrew J. Odlivak, who lives in Oakdale. A third Garden Grove resident is Lora L. Kilgore-Norquest, who has developed a device that applies a mist of water to concrete below a concrete paver.

The City of Garden Grove is proud of its inventors. During the last century, a number of local inventors have been recognized and awarded a patent. For example, in the United States, Apple Inc. has received patent number 8,565,523, which covers the process of color-balancing digital images. Other notable patents have been issued by the U.S. government since 1976.

Inventors in Garden Grove

Garden Grove, California is a dynamic city with a colorful history. The city has always prioritized community and improvement. In the past, Garden Grove has been home to inventors and patents. This is the story of two such Garden Grove inventors, who each received a patent in May.

The Nation of Inventors exhibit is a highlight of the museum. The exhibits feature interactive displays that will engage both museumgoers and families. The exhibit is housed on the first two floors of the Hagley Visitor Center. Visitors should budget at least 30 minutes to tour the exhibits.

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