Inventors and Patents From the City of Fort Worth

If you have ever watched a business show, you may have seen the extolling of the wonders of entrepreneurship and invention. In the Fort Worth area, there are inventors who are trying to make a difference with their ideas. One example is Corey Whitney, a former Marine who developed an invention that has made a huge impact on the music industry.

Luminous Envy

It’s no surprise to see a Fort Worth native in the inventor’s chair. Founder and inventor of Luminous Envy Cheri Garcia is a familiar face in the region’s technology scene. Garcia’s creation helps tanners stay warm and dry while swimming. While the invention may sound simple, it was a difficult process. Many pessimists said her idea was ridiculous and wouldn’t sell. However, her family supported her vision and loaned her capital to get her business off the ground.

The Luminous Envy Tanning Float system includes an inflatable floatation device 102 that includes a pair of angled reflective tan wings 110. These winglets are positioned at a 45 degree angle to the cushioned core-supported portion 120 to maximize exposure to sunlight during the sunbathing session.

Inventions from DFW are concentrated in electronics, information technology, and sports equipment. In the area of data storage and transmission, DFW inventors rank high nationally. In addition, the area leads the nation in chemically binding multiple elements. Other inventions in the city include drilling, building better airplanes, and sports training equipment.

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