Inventors and Patents From the City of Fairfax

Fairfax is home to many inventors and patents. You can find out about them and their innovations by reading this article. We’ll also talk about why it’s important to support these creators, and why you should be proud of Fairfax’s innovation. This article was written by a Fairfax resident who is also an inventor. She is the founder of a technology company and is an advocate of innovation and the development of new technologies.


In Fairfax, Virginia, there are several elected officials, including a U.S. President and Vice President. There are also two U.S. Senators who each serve six-year terms, and a U.S. Representative who serves the 11th District. Fairfax is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the country, and its innovation and entrepreneurial spirit have led to many patents and inventors.

In Fairfax, the longest time between filing for a patent and achieving its grant was seven hundred and seventy-seven days. Christopher Royal Corrie, who lives in Leesburg, Virginia, filed for a patent in 2001 for a system that integrates credit card transactions into a financial management system. His patent was approved June 1, 2019. Fairfax inventors were among the eight who were awarded patents in June.

One example of a product marketed by Fairfax was the dental anchor pin, or Stabilok pin. These pins were originally single pieces of metal sold in packages of twenty. Fairfax later began selling a version of the pin that had the shank portion fused ultrasonically. Fairfax also marketed a similar version of the device for the dental industry. While the claims are largely identical, there are some significant differences.

The early twentieth century saw many changes in the town, including the growth of technology and transportation. The town was also a major judicial and commercial center. Its first buildings include the Town police unit and a volunteer fire department. In addition, Fairfax High School opened in 1935. Today, Fairfax is home to one of the nation’s oldest schools and is a thriving community.

It’s important for inventors to understand the implications of releasing their inventions to the public. Public disclosure may affect their ability to obtain patent protection. Similarly, information that’s released prior to the application for a patent may result in its limitation or disqualification. Fortunately, there are laws that protect inventors from having their ideas made public. In the meantime, fair disclosure is essential in order to protect intellectual property rights and protect the community.

The City of Fairfax is surrounded by Fairfax County. Although the county is separate from the city, it is home to the Fairfax County Court Complex. The town is rich in culture and diversity, and its residents have one of the country’s most educated workforces. These factors drive the innovation and success that characterize Fairfax. So, make the most of the community’s unique characteristics and explore the many possibilities this city has to offer.

Inventor Services, LLC is owned and operated by Brian C. Trask, PE, a licensed Professional Engineer and Federally registered patent agent. Brian has over 10 years of engineering experience and served as an apprentice to a local patent attorney. After completing his apprenticeship, Brian passed his Federal patent bar exam and the Utah Professional Engineer licensing exam. He has been practicing as a patent agent since 1997.

The “Inventor City At Issue” search field identifies the inventors who were living in the city at the time of the grant of their patents. Since inventors often relocate between patent grants, there could be several values in the “Inventor City At Issue” field. If the “Inventor City at Issue” field is not filled in, a search will return all inventors who were in that city at least once.

Inventors in Fairfax

Inventors and businesses in Fairfax County can benefit from a number of patents. The number of pending and granted patents is shown on the website. For more information, you can contact the office of Patrick Stanzione, patent attorney. The firm has worked with large corporations worldwide to protect their inventions and small businesses. Its expertise ranges from medical devices to optical systems and image forming apparatuses. Inventors and businesses in Fairfax County can benefit from the services of Patrick Stanzione and his team.

Fairfax patent attorneys handle domestic and international patent preparation. Their clients include companies and individuals from all industries. From consumer electronics to clean technology research, Fairfax patent attorneys handle applications from nearly every area of technology. They can help you decide which patents are right for your invention. If you want to protect your idea, hire a patent attorney to help you through the patent application process. They can explain the process and how it works.

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