Inventors and Patents From Eugene, Oregon

There are many ways to learn about the history of Eugene, Oregon’s Inventors and their inventions. You can start by reading about the three recent patents granted in the last week of July. In Eugene, the longest time between the filing date and the grant date was 587 days. THXC, LLC was awarded a patent on a garbage can hitch. The patent will be valid until July 19, 2022. Patents do not guarantee success, however, according to Dennis Crouch, co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship. He says roughly 50 percent of patents expire due to costs and the time required to file.


Inventors and patents from Eugene can often be hard to find. Eugene M. Lang was a patent licensing strategist and philanthropist. Growing up in a $12-a-month railroad flat in Manhattan, he later donated over $150 million to various educational causes. In addition to founding the I Have a Dream Foundation, he established the Eugene Lang College at the New School in Manhattan. As a young man, he attended Swarthmore College and received a scholarship.

Moreover, UO employees must disclose any invention to IPS. This is to clarify the ownership of the inventions with partners. Disclosure also avoids conflicts of interest. The university does not claim ownership of inventions made by its employees. But it does have an obligation to disclose them to IPS. As a public university, it is part of its responsibility to be transparent. In this way, the public can be assured that UO employees are following best practices and avoiding possible pitfalls.

Inventors in Eugene

A successful patent licensing strategist, Eugene M. Lang has donated more than $150 million to various educational institutions. Born and raised in an eight-room railroad flat in Manhattan, Eugene once worked as a bootblack. In his spare time, he would dream of how to improve the machine gun. He then made the first working prototype using a pocket knife. His inventions would go on to win multiple patents, including a U.S. Patent.

While the patent process can be complex, an Eugene patent law attorney can help inventors avoid mistakes and file stronger applications. The attorney can assist the inventor at every stage of the patent application process. He or she will assist in submitting the necessary documents and will be there to defend your patent rights in court if necessary. While these attorneys are not experts in all areas of patent law, they will guide you and help you understand the process and avoid missteps.

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