Emeryville, California, Home to Inventors and Patents

The City of Emeryville is home to several patents and inventors. However, this city is primarily known for its industrial growth. The city was home to a number of large companies such as Judson Iron Works and Sherwin-Williams paint company. It was also home to a famous neon sign that featured an animated globe covered in red paint. This sign was a familiar sight to motorists who traveled east on the Bay Bridge.


Located on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, Emeryville is an urban community of about a square mile. Strategically located in the Bay Area, Emeryville is the convergence of major freeways, railroads, and the world’s busiest bridge. The city also provides service to Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Historically, the indigenous people of the region and European and American settlers recognized the town as a prime location for settlement.


The City of Emeraldville is home to a wide variety of patents and inventors. Among them are three companies that have received more than a hundred patents. In addition, a university has been credited with a dozen patents, as has a non-profit organization. In recent years, the City of Emeraldville has also been home to a number of successful entrepreneurs.

Two recent patented products come from the city. One of the most innovative new products in the area is a water treatment system. In addition, this product has numerous commercial applications. KLA-tencor Technologies has been granted a patent for the technology. The company has been developing and manufacturing this technology for several years. Founded in 2006, the company has four patents in the city. Each patent is awarded to a different company.

GP Medical and Facet Biotech have also received a patent for their new water-filtration systems. They co-invented this technology. They were both born and raised in the city of Emeraldville. Their inventions are based on the same scientific principle. They are both based on the principles of biochemical recombination. Those who are interested in learning more about these technologies can visit the City of Emeraldville Patent Office website to learn more about these successful individuals.

In the United States, two companies have been assigned patents in the past few years. One of them is the company Molsoft, which has been awarded a patent (7,882,738). It was filed on July 14, 200. The other company, JDS Uniphase, is credited with a patent application for patterned optical structures with a security feature. The two companies also have one other patent, for patterned optical structures.

Another company is InVisage Technologies, which was granted a patent (7,881,091) for the method of making quantum dot films. The patent application was developed by six co-inventors, including Steven R. Kleiman of Los Altos, Calif., and Don Alvin Trimmer of Los Altos. In addition to Kleiman, the patent application also includes a patent for the method of making quantum dots.


The city of Emeryville has produced a number of inventors who have received patents. Some of these are described below. Inventors in the area include Med-Eng, a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, and co-inventors Rob Reynolds and Chris Faust, who live in Potsdam, New York. Others are Magda Slobozianu of Ottawa, Ontario, and Clint Hedge of Winchester, California. One of the more recent inventions comes from Michael A. Morris of Redmond, Washington, who has filed a patent on a wheel ornament.

Another notable inventor is David Morgenstern of Palo Alto, Calif. He has filed two patent applications on the same technology. One was filed on May 1, 2006, and the other was filed on January 9, 2009.

Inventors in Emeryville have also been involved in some of the most important inventions of the past decade. A company known as Molsoft, which is located in Emeryville, has patented a software program (patent no. 7,881,738), which describes a method of creating a raster file from primary index raster files. Inventors in the city include Dean Grundman, who is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Gregory E. Knoblauch, who is based in St. Charles, Missouri. Asedillo edited the article for accuracy.

In the city of Emeryville, many people are pursuing their dream of becoming an inventor. Some of these individuals are living proofs of the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. Inventors are working to bring their ideas to market and share them with the world. In this way, Emeryville will benefit from the inventions of other people. A few people living in Emeryville may even find themselves the co-inventors of their own patents.

Other information

Emeryville is located in the eastern portion of the San Francisco Bay, halfway between Berkeley and Oakland. It occupies a small area of over a square mile and is strategically located in the Bay Area’s urban core, on the confluence of major freeways and rail lines. The city also serves as a gateway to major cities in the United States and Canada, including Los Angeles and Chicago. Historically, the area was recognized as an ideal location for settlement by the indigenous people, the Spanish, and American people.


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