Patents From the City of Duncan

In the City of Duncan, Oklahoma, the longest time from filing a patent application to its grant was 277 days. The company AFL Telecommunications, LLC, filed for a patent in October 2021, and the application was approved on July 19, 2022. Although a patent is the first step in protecting your invention, a patent is not a guarantee of success. Inventors should be prepared for a variety of risks and pitfalls in order to protect their intellectual property.

Yo-yo inventions

Since the 1960s, the yo-yo has become a popular toy in North America. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that the design of yo-yos changed drastically. While most of the design ideas came from outside Duncan, the city’s own Donald F. Duncan, Jr. created a company that marketed high-quality plastic yo-yos such as the ProYo. The ProYo was designed to produce longer spin times. Other design innovations during this period included the patented internal clutch mechanism and the introduction of ball bearing transaxle yo-yo play.

In the 1930s, the competition between Duncan and other companies increased. In 1936, Donald Duncan’s company, Royal Tops Manufacturing Co., was founded by a former Duncan demonstrator named Joe Radovan. Duncan sued Royal for using the yo-yo’s name, but in the 1960s, the company was forced to settle out of court. By the time the settlement was reached, the yo-yo had fallen out of popularity and was no longer a profitable business for Duncan.

After the yo-yo was popular in the United States, the yo-yo became an exotic weapon. Its story of discovery and use was used by early Duncan demonstrators in their sales pitches. This story eventually caught on in the media as well, with the yo-yo featuring prominently in the James Bond movie Octopussy. This film even featured a bladed yo-yo.

The city of Duncan was also a center for the manufacture and promotion of yo-yos. During the 1920s, Duncan started a Good Humor mobile frozen treats franchise and also a parking meter manufacturing company. He also invented a premium incentive for consumers to collect the proofs of purchase. This premium incentive encouraged consumers to sell three newspaper subscriptions and eventually sold three million yo-yos in Philadelphia.

The City of Duncan’s contribution to the development of yo-yos is truly unique. Many of the earliest yo-yos were made by Duncan Sr.’s company. In 1946, it produced 3,600 yo-yos per hour. In that same year, the American Yo-Yo Association recorded a record of 51 seconds. In the 1960s, plastic yo-yos were manufactured. Since then, the yo-yo has undergone a great deal of evolution. The shape of a yo can affect the way it tricks.


In the City of Duncan, Washington, we are fortunate to have many innovative individuals. Many of them are working on patent applications to create new technologies and products. We are proud of their achievements. Here are some of our local inventors, including those who have received a patent:

Samuel Shelly and Raymond Duncan were the first to receive patents for their inventions. Both inventors had the same idea but came to the field at about the same time. In 1916, Duncan filed a patent application and granted a license to Thos. A. Edison, Inc. to use the device. Duncan had been testing his device in the Edison Company’s lab since the summer of 1915. In April of 1916, the Edison Company negotiated a patent agreement with Duncan.

Mike Duncan is another local inventor. His initial invention was a bowling league, and he’s been creating and selling products ever since. He recently travelled to southwest Minnesota to promote his newest invention: the Lend-A-Hand, a universal assistant device for physically challenged people. Mike Duncan’s success has come from his hard work and determination. His company, Even Par Enterprises, has many products on the market, and he continues to innovate.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that political conflict and ethnic tensions can negatively impact innovation. These factors can limit the quality and direction of an invention, as well as its impact on economic growth. Ultimately, these factors should not deter people from developing new products and ideas. Instead, they should promote the creation of new products and services that help the community. This is the best way to encourage innovation.


The patent application process takes time. Patents from the City of Duncan were granted in the week ending Aug. 5. On July 19, 2022, AFL Telecommunications, LLC, received a patent for cable mounting clamps. A patent is required for any invention. However, it does not guarantee success. According to Dennis Crouch, co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship, it is not 100% guaranteed that an invention will gain a patent.

The City of Duncan was the plaintiff in the Vehicular case. Both firms had patents that could be disputed, but both companies made sure to cooperate with the city. The city agreed to work with Vehicular in a patent administration agreement. The two companies reportedly agreed to pay $100,000 to each other. This agreement allows both parties to control prices. In turn, the city will receive a license to manufacture parking meters.

Invention Project K-6

Invention Project K-6 was a successful educational initiative that provided the Duncan Public School District with an interactive curriculum that taught elementary school children about the importance of intellectual property and innovation. The program included fun materials for students, step-by-step curriculum, and instructional videos for teachers. Besides teaching the benefits of intellectual property, the program also introduced the concept of patents. Patents are a unique form of intellectual property and they allow you to protect your invention. This gives children a real incentive to innovate.

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