Inventions From the City of Miami

Miami is a metropolitan city and the county chair for Miami-Dade County, in South Florida. It is the second most populous city in Florida. The Southeastern United States has it as the eleventh-most populous. With a population of 6.138 million people, the Miami metropolitan region is the ninth-largest in the U.S.

In July, over one hundred patents from the city of Miami were approved. Miamians are not just producing citrus products, they are also producing technology patents. The city has many citrus products and orange groves, which help support the area’s technology industry.

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Arts and Business Council of Miami

Miami inventors are served by the Arts and Business Council of Miami Patent Pro Bono, part of the USPTO’s nationwide pro bono program that matches inventors who qualify (based on income) with volunteer attorneys and patent professionals that will help you file your patent application.

Patent Pro Bono, a program launched by the Arts & Business Council of Miami, matches low-income inventors with pro-bono patent attorneys. Applicants must pay a $50 administrative fee and pay the appropriate search and examination fees. Once accepted, the patent attorney will help the inventor navigate the patent process.

Patent and Trademark Resource Centers

Certain libraries throughout the United States are designated as Patent and Trademark Resource Centers (PTRC), which provide resources and trained staff to help customers use and understand USPTO information and filing systems. Florida is served by the following PTRCs

The Miami-Dade Public Library System has a program that encourages the creation of new technologies. It also offers resources for non-technical entrepreneurs and innovators. This program has a number of requirements, including that the entire household’s income not exceed 300% of the federal poverty guidelines.

The Miami-Dade Public Library System has been serving the community for over 100 years, and the library offers a wide range of resources for innovators. The library system offers technology classes, makerspaces, and teen tech programs. It is also a hub for young entrepreneurs

Law school clinics

Florida inventors and entrepreneurs can obtain free legal help for both patent and trademark matters by contacting:

Inventions from Miami

Miami-area inventors have a variety of products in their patent portfolios. Some are fun, like a smartphone case that dispenses perfume. Other inventions include a golf swing training device that trains your golf swing. A musical generating apparatus is another popular invention. Miami residents also created two new sexual devices and a new airplane divan.

The city of Miami has been home to a number of inventors. There are several inventors who are still living in the city. For example, Andrea Ridilla is an oboe professor. The professor also created a tool called a gouge, which is an early step in the reed-making process. This tool helps the oboe create a focused tone and eases the burden on the player.

The City of Miami is a vibrant place for entrepreneurship. The city is home to some of the nation’s most renowned companies, including Burger King and Bacardi. In addition to the thriving local economy, Miami is also known for its business-friendly culture.

The City of Miami is also home to many inventors. Inventors from the area include Stephen E. Mumford, Jan P. Smed, and David W. Anderson Jr., inventors of Model Screw Products Inc., Clearwater and Miami. Other notable Miami area inventors include Gaylord W. Brown of Punta Gorda, Albert Arends of Gladwin, Mich., and Miami’s Francisco Bilbao and Donald E. Burg. Also, Roberto A. Garcia of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and James R. Bennett of Sebastian, Florida, have filed patents on various products.

Miami is home to a number of talented inventors who are creating exciting new products and innovations for the world. From a new golf swing training device to a cellphone case that dispenses perfume. The city is home to two different sexual devices and a musical generating apparatus.

The City of Miami also offers numerous opportunities for small business owners to grow. One such program is the Miami Health Accelerator, which focuses on digital health technologies. The program accepts scientific-based companies, and participants get the chance to network with leading Miami health systems and angel investors. There are several application requirements, and the process is concluded with a Demo Day.

Inventors and patents from Miami include those that are created locally and by people from other parts of the world. These individuals have come up with products that have real world applications. One such invention is a urinal splatter-catching shield. This innovative product would help children with special needs. There are also several other patents that originated from the city. It is an honor to recognize the accomplishments of local inventors.


To protect his skin from the sun’s harmful rays, Benjamin Green, an airman and pharmacist, applied red veterinary petrolatum to his skin in 1944. The New York Times says that he combined it with coconut oil and cocoa butter after the war, and Coppertone suntan lotion was born. Coppertone’s famous Coppertone girl wasn’t born until 1956.

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Incandescent light bulb

Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent lightbulb that worked in 1879. This helped to turn the tide of America’s industrial revolution. He spent his entire life in New Jersey but spent his winters in Fort Myers with Henry Ford, who is clearly Florida ‘s claim to some of the credit.

Hurricane Scale

Herbert Saffir, an engineer and Robert Simpson (a meteorologist) created a scale in the 1970s to show the possible effects of hurricanes on a given area. There are five categories on the scale, increasing in intensity by 1 to 5. Initialy, the scale was based on wind speed. Simpson later added storm surge levels. Hurricanes are also associated with low atmospheric pressure.

Air conditioning

Hydration is important, but cold drinks won’t help you fall asleep if your bedroom heats up at night. Air conditioning is a vital part of Floridian life. Encyclopedia Britannica states that John Gorrie, a Florida doctor, modernized old refrigeration technology and used a steam engine for cooling air to make his patients feel more comfortable. Air conditioning is a must for every hot and humid city. Without a functioning and healthy A/C, travelers wouldn’t be able to travel to the deserts and swamps of Morocco .

John Gorrie is our debt. The physician moved to Florida in the 1850s to treat yellow fever patients. He tried to cool them by creating a machine that could lower the temperature, but it was only capable of chilling the room for a few seconds at a time. 

He was left with nothing after he failed to create the perfect cooling system.Gorrie didn’t make it big on his invention. Smithsonian Magazine says that Gorrie was stopped by northern ice-makers, who made money shipping ice south.

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Reflective surveillance system for police

Police officers face the most serious situations when they have to stop motorists for routine traffic violations. Homestead’s applicant envisions patrol cars equipped with low-glare shatter-resistant mirrors which allow officers to keep an eye on other drivers while returning to their car. Attached to the front bumper would be a forward-facing mirror that can be tilted in place as soon as an officer pulls over someone.


Thanks to the University of Florida scientists and an assistant coach, we can all be thankful for their ability to quench our thirst over all these years. Dwayne Douglas, a former assistant coach, was looking for a drink that would replace the electrolytes and carbohydrates the players were losing after hours of practice in heat. Gatorade was created by a group of college researchers who reached out to them in 1965. Robert Cade, a kidney disease specialist from UF, was the one to point out the loss in electrolytes as the reason for the Gators team’s loss of strength and endurance. We can now thank him for the refreshing taste of blue raspberry.

Personal computer

Although you might think of California when you think about computers’ rise, the first personal computer was created in Florida. A team of engineers and designers created the IBM Personal Computer (IBM PC). Director Don Estridge was the leader of this team, who introduced the PC to the world in 1981.

Amos Cookies

Wally Amos, the founder of Famous Amos Cookies, was born in Tallahassee. Biography says he was born in Tallahassee and moved to New York, Los Angeles, and then back to New York in 1975. But Mr. Amos will always be a Sunshine State native.

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Publix subs

Although this is a stretch in the invention category, anyone who has tried a sub sandwich will be able to understand why this one-of-a kind sandwich was included on this list.Pub subs, as they are known by the smart people, go viral instantly and lines begin to form at the deli.

George W. Jenkins was the founder of Publix. He worked in Tampa’s Piggly Wiggly grocery shop in the 1920s as a stock clerk. In 1930, he opened his first Publix and a second one five years later.Since then, the company has grown steadily. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Lakeland (Florida).

Key Lime Pie

The Key West people love this Florida favorite. This tangy dessert, named after Key limes from the Florida Keys is the official decadence of Florida. The origin of the recipe is still a matter of debate. Although Jack Simons, a botanist, is often credited with creating the pie recipe, William Curry, a Key West millionaire, allegedly wrote the first instructions for cooking the pie. We can all thank those Key limes for making it possible, regardless of who made it possible.


Bill France, a mechanic, began making cars more efficient in 1930. Within a few years, the drivers had set new records at Daytona-France. He began expanding these races to the Carolinas after making high profits. He laid the foundations for a national series at a meeting in France in 1947. This series was later known as the National Association for Stock Car Automobile Racine (NASCAR).

Frozen concentrated orange juice

It’s not surprising that frozen concentrated orange juice is another invention. C.D. and L.G. Atkins, Edwin L. Moore and L.G. In 1946, MacDowell. This invention was instrumental in propelling Florida’s citrus market towards its current success.

Flag blower

Ever tried to fly a flag in perfect calm conditions? An inventor from Miami Gardens is betting on others having the same problem. Avoid black-and-white-tinted infomercial struggles with this wind-making flagpole. The speaker can even be programmed with “audible sounds” to your liking.

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