In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a port module for coupling a cable providing mixed power, data, and cooling to a network device. The interface module involves an electric interface for getting power for powering the network apparatus, an optical transceiver for receiving optical communications signs, a fluid interface for getting coolant, and sensors for monitoring the power and cooling and supplying information to a central network device providing the combined power, data, and cooling.


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Network devices such as computer peripherals, network access issues, and IoT (Web of Things) apparatus might have both their information connectivity and power demands fulfilled within one combined function cable such as PoE (Power over Ethernet). Inconventional PoE systems, power is delivered within the wires used by the information within a range from several meters to about one hundred meters. When a greater distance is required or fiber optic cables are used, power is normally provided through a neighborhood powersource such as a nearby wall socket due to constraints with ability, reach, and cable loss in traditional PoE. Now’s PoE systems also have limited power capability, which might be insufficient for many classes of apparatus. If the available power overcombined function cables is improved, cooling might also need to be delivered into the large powered remote apparatus.

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