A pump to get a striping machine includes dual check valves inside its piston. At least among those double check valves is closed during an upstroke of the piston, thus ensuring the pump drives fluid during both its upstroke and its downstroke to keep a desirable ratio between a fluid output by the pump along with a substance alternative output by another pump of this striping machine.


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The present disclosure relates to piston pumps, also in particular pumps utilized to employ stripes to ground surfaces, like roadways, parking lots, and tarmacs.

Earth marking can be achieved with a polymer-based lines. The polymer-based lines are somewhat more durable than conventionally painted lines. In some cases, the polymer-based lines have been thermally applied to the ground surface. In other scenarios, aplasticizing substance is combined with a catalyst prior to application to the ground surface. The catalyst then evaporates, leaving a polymer stripe on the ground surface. The ratio between the catalyst and the plasticizing substance has to be maintained ata desired level, generally with a higher level of plasticizing substance than catalyst, to make certain that the line has the desirable properties, including depth, width, reflectivity, color, etc.. The plasticizing material and the catalyst are pushed bytwo independent pumps. To keep the desired ratio that the pump driving the catalyst typically includes a significantly smaller displacement, and thus smaller component parts, than another pump. On the other hand, the catalyst can cause sticking of the parts, suchas the springs of the valves inside the pumps, hence causing the catalyst pump to stick in an open country.

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