Free Pro-Bono Patent Help in Kansas

If you are an inventor and are interested in getting free patent help, you may be interested in the Law School Clinic Program. This program pairs low-income inventors with law students who specialize in intellectual property law. These students work under the supervision of a patent attorney. There are many participating clinics across the U.S., but only a few of them serve the Kansas region. You will want to research law schools in your area to find out if they offer this program. Some law schools also offer reduced-fee legal services to students.


The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has a new initiative for helping under-resourced inventors obtain a patent. It’s called the Patent Pro Bono Program, and it pairs volunteer patent attorneys with inventors who need legal help. There are now several patent pro bono programs around the country, including in Kansas and Minnesota.

Bodman has been involved with many local organizations to help those in need. The organization ProsperUs refers low-income entrepreneurs to Bodman, where attorneys match them with the right person based on their business needs. In addition, they offer office-hour-style workshops for ProsperUs clients.

Holland & Hart, a Kansas law firm, has supported this program with free patent help. Through it, low-income inventors can gain access to patent practitioners who offer free business consulting and training to help them bring their ideas to market. The program also accepts applications from residents of other Mountain West states.

Saint Louis University

A legal clinic at Saint Louis University’s School of Law is getting the green light to work with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Students who have passed the USPTO’s certification requirements are eligible to participate. The students in the clinic will provide pro-bono legal assistance with the filing and drafting of patent and trademark applications.

The program aims to connect volunteer patent attorneys with economically disadvantaged inventors and small businesses. Those who qualify will receive free legal assistance in preparing and filing patent applications. The Saint Louis University program is part of the university’s “It’s an Innovation Celebration!” series, which highlights various innovative activities, including the Saint Louis University Patent Pro-Bono Program.

Pro-Bono Patent Help at Saint-Louis University provides free patent applications to eligible individuals who are under-resourced and need assistance. They also provide technical assistance, commercialization guidance, and entrepreneurial support to these individuals and organizations. The program serves individual inventors, small companies, and nonprofit organizations in Missouri and Kansas. It is also dedicated to advancing civil rights and equality under the law, particularly for LGBTQ individuals.

Volunteer patent practitioners are also an important component of the program. These volunteers usually have busy practices, so they offer their time without any compensation for their services. By donating their time and expertise, these volunteers help create an ecosystem of equitable innovation. They also earn a Patent Pro Bono Achievement Certificate from the USPTO, which recognizes their efforts and encourages others to volunteer their time.

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