Free Pro Bono Patent Help in Florida

Patent Pro-Bono programs are a great way to protect and commercialize your new invention without the cost of hiring an expensive attorney. These programs match Florida inventors with patent professionals in order to reduce common errors in pro se applications and increase the chances of success. These programs also encourage Florida’s innovation economy by supporting the protection and commercialization of new technologies.

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Unlike most other patent assistance programs, Florida’s program is administered by the Florida Institute, a nonprofit organization that encourages the creation of new businesses and jobs. It works closely with Florida’s universities and private research institutes to identify commercially viable startup company opportunities, providing them with company building support and seed funding. It also maintains extensive relationships with the service provider community, making it the ideal administrator for Florida’s Free Pro-Bono Patent Help in State.

The Florida Institute and the USPTO have joined forces to help Florida residents and small businesses secure patent protection. The collaboration aims to increase access to the patent system and facilitate the submission of better quality patent applications. The Patent Pro-Bono Program pairs Florida-based inventors with patent professionals who can help them avoid common mistakes made by pro se applicants. As a result, this program promotes the growth of Florida’s innovation economy and assists in commercialization of new technologies.

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Greg Popowitz is a Registered Patent Attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He focuses his practice in Intellectual Property and helps his clients protect their creations, brands, and inventions by utilizing their intellectual property rights. In addition to patents, he also practices in the areas of business litigation and securitizations.

Howard University School of Law

Whether you need a patent reviewed by a patent attorney or need patent advice, Howard University School of Law can help you. They provide pro bono legal assistance for patents. Howard is located in the Northwest District of Washington, DC, near the National Zoo. It is accessible by car, Metro, or taxi. The school is on Van Ness Street, near the end of a cul-de-sac. You can take the Red Line to reach the school.

The students in Howard University School of Law’s trademark and IP clinic partner with faculty advisers to help local businesses and inventors protect their intellectual property (IP). The clinic is part of the school’s mission to approach intellectual property from a social justice perspective. Its IP clinic is also designed to attract students without prior technical experience or a tech background.

The Patent Pro-Bono program is sponsored by the United States Patent & Trademark Office and is available to independent inventors and small businesses. The program matches patent professionals who are willing to volunteer their time with under-resourced inventors. Miami was selected as a regional program to host Patent Pro-Bono in Florida and Puerto Rico, and it will continue to expand throughout the state and beyond.

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The Florida Institute, in collaboration with the USPTO, has launched the Patent Pro Bono Program to improve access to the patent system and foster submission of higher-quality patent applications. Through the program, Florida-based inventors can receive patent assistance for free from a Florida patent attorney. This helps them avoid common mistakes in filing a pro se application and fosters the innovation economy in the state.

Florida’s engagement represents one of the successful outcomes of one of President Obama’s executive actions: the expansion of the USPTO’s pro bono programs to all 50 states. The expansion of the program to all states makes patent professionals more accessible. This is especially important for inventors, who can’t afford to pay high legal fees.

A patent attorney’s services are invaluable for the inventor, and they offer their time and legal expertise to help them patent their invention. A patent not only protects an invention from being copied, but also gives the inventor rights to sell or license it. Patent Pro-Bono is an ideal program to help entrepreneurs protect their ideas.

The clinic has helped two local inventors secure patents. Lori Booker obtained U.S. Patent No. 10,736,766 in 2020 for a back brace. A group of George Washington University students has also helped several small businesses obtain trademark registrations. Some of the clients include educational programs on financial literacy and blogs about influential people.

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The Patent Pro Bono Program matches inventors and small businesses with Florida patent professionals who are willing to provide free patent services. The Florida program is part of a nationwide network of such programs that aim to assist inventors and small businesses. This initiative is a collaborative effort between the USPTO and the Florida Institute, which was founded in 2005 to increase access to the patent system and promote higher quality patent applications.

Patent Pro Bono Programs are important ways to help people who cannot afford a patent attorney. They provide free legal assistance and mentorship to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations. These organizations match volunteer patent professionals with under-resourced entrepreneurs in need, and they foster vibrant small business communities in the process.

The Florida Institute is a nonprofit organization that works to develop and launch new businesses and create jobs. Through their efforts, they partner with Florida state universities and private research institutions to develop new technologies that can make a real difference in the state’s economy. They also offer seed funding and other resources to help start companies. Since the program’s inception, 38 companies have received funding.

Patent attorneys can be invaluable to inventors, and they are dedicated to helping them obtain a patent. A patent protects an inventor’s invention from copying, and also grants the inventor the rights to sell or license the invention. Patent Pro-Bono helps inventors protect their innovation and help bring new products to the market.

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