Free Pro-Bono Patent Help at Law Schools

If you need free patent help, consider contacting attorneys at law schools that offer free pro-bono patent help. A few such schools are the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Saint Louis University, and California Western School of Law. Each of these schools is home to some outstanding patent attorneys.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

If you want to file a patent but don’t have the money to hire an attorney, there are options available. You can seek free patent help in California through the Patent Pro Bono Program. This program is funded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and includes information about how to file for a patent pro bono. This program is intended to provide pro bono patent help to low-income individuals and small businesses.

The USPTO has created the Patent Pro Bono Program and the California Inventors Assistance Program to help low-income inventors and small businesses protect their intellectual property for free. Both programs are administered by the California State Library, which is also an authorized Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC). The PTRC library team can help low-income inventors and small businesses navigate the patent process. Keep in mind, though, that the volunteers who are helping you are not attorneys and are not legally advising you on your legal matter.

Moreover, the Patent Clinic at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law helps low-income inventors and businesses get their patents protected. The students gain practical experience while working with clients and learn about critical thinking. The clinic is affiliated with the USPTO Law School Clinic Certification Program. The students also get hands-on training in patent drafting.

The Patent Pro Bono Program in California matches low-income inventors and small businesses with volunteer patent attorneys to file patent applications. The program also provides educational materials to help patent applicants understand the patent application process and prepare responses to examiners. These programs are essential to helping low-income inventors protect their ideas and protect their rights. All these programs offer free legal services and are available in many areas of the country.

Free Pro-Bono Patent Help in the State of California is available for any small business, individual, or nonprofit organization that is interested in registering a patent. There are three clinics in California that provide free patent help to clients in need. The UCLA Patent Law Clinic offers pro bono patent help to eligible clients. The UCLA Patent Law Clinic accepts applications from small businesses, individuals, and organizations with limited resources. The UCLA Patent Law Clinic prioritizes clients that are residents or businesses in California.

Another organization that provides free pro-bono patent help in California is the California Lawyers for the Arts. Through the CLA, this program matches low-income inventors with pro-bono patent lawyers. The attorneys help these individuals with patent preparation and analysis. The lawyers help their clients save thousands of dollars on patents.

Several patent pro bono programs have specific eligibility requirements. These include knowledge of the patent system, income, and invention. To qualify, the inventor must have a low-income household income and be willing to demonstrate knowledge of the patent system. A free patent certification course can provide the necessary information and help to speed up the process.

Saint Louis University

There is a unique program offered at Saint Louis University that provides free patent help to financially under-resourced individuals. The program offers free time from patent attorneys and patent agents, and provides entrepreneurial and commercialization guidance. It serves small Missouri businesses, nonprofits, and solo inventors. The program consists of a variety of volunteer activities. To learn more about the program and the benefits it provides, click here.

The program matches volunteer patent professionals with low-income inventors and small businesses. To apply for this program, individuals must have a gross household income of no more than three times the federal poverty level. Depending on the region, eligibility requirements may vary. The program is free of charge and is available to residents of the United States.

California Western School of Law

California Western School of Law’s Trademark Clinic offers free patent and trademark help to the public. The clinic is a non-profit organization and focuses on the application and registration process for federal trademarks and service marks. The clinic is not a substitute for legal representation during the litigation or licensing process. Applicants must pay filing fees to the USPTO. There are several clinic locations around the United States.

The School of Law also offers a free legal referral service. The program is administered in partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Price Family Charitable Fund donated $15,480 to the program, which aims to provide legal services to low-income individuals and small businesses. It’s not limited to California, and provides legal assistance to clients in all five western states.

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