Free Patent Filing Assistance in Wyoming

Free patent filing assistance in Wyoming is available through several organizations, including Manufacturing-Works, the Business and UCC Center, and the PTRC. We also cover the ProBoPat program, which provides assistance with drafting and submitting patent applications. These organizations provide a range of services, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Manufacturing-Works provides free patent filing assistance in Wyoming

Manufacturing Works is a collaboration between the University of Wyoming, NIST, and the Wyoming Business Council. It will receive $600,000 per year from NIST for the next five years to support its programs. NIST has also added another $100,000 a year for its other Manufacturing Extension Partnership National Network members. The MEP is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

If you want to get your idea off the ground, consider obtaining a provisional patent in Wyoming. This type of patent will protect your idea for a year, and it will allow you to use and manufacture it immediately. It is also less expensive and easier to obtain. If you are unsure of the process, consider hiring a patent attorney who has experience with your specific industry.

A partnership between the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Business Council enables Manufacturing-Works to offer free patent filing assistance to Wyoming innovators. Through this program, Wyoming companies can get help from a licensed attorney who can help them navigate the patent system. The university’s IP center also offers a program for small businesses and inventors that allows them to access free patent filing assistance.


The Patent Technology Resource Center (PTRC) offers free patent filing assistance to individuals in Wyoming. The program partners with academic libraries to provide patent instruction for students and faculty. The PTRC also offers assistance with patent searches. A recent survey found that nearly half of respondents did not know about the PTRC program, despite its importance to the curriculum. Most patent searching is keyword-based, though some librarians also use classification systems and the USPTO’s web site to obtain relevant information. In one partnership, PTRC representatives conducted regular teleconferences with engineering students and librarians.

The Wyoming State Library is a designated Patent and Trademark Resource Center by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It offers free access to patent and trademark resources, including PubEast and PubWest databases. Staff members are available to answer general questions and provide guidance on the use of the databases.

The PTRC also offers instruction in trademarks and copyright. During a recent training session, a PTRC librarian led a hands-on exercise involving search and evaluation of patent literature. The session was open to all Engineering Department students, faculty, and staff.

The PTRC also offers free resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The PTRC is a cooperative effort of state, university, and city libraries with the USPTO. The staff has extensive experience with patent searches and can provide a human touch to help aspiring entrepreneurs and inventors find the right patents.

Getting a patent is not cheap. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to obtain a U.S. patent. The fees that go into filing an application include attorney fees, United States Patent and Trademark Office filing fees, and maintenance fees. Many small businesses and individuals do not have the resources to hire an attorney. By partnering with a patent resource center, a small business or inventor can obtain free legal help.

Business and UCC Center

The Wyoming Business and UCC Center offers free patent filing help to those who are interested in patenting their inventions. Located in Cheyenne, the center is affiliated with the University of Wyoming’s Technology Transfer and Research Products Center. The center’s free patent filing services do not provide legal advice. Instead, interns from the University of Wyoming Law School review inventor disclosures for patentability according to the USPTO’s Seven Step Strategy. This helps innovators refine their ideas and decide whether to patent their inventions.

The Center matches volunteer patent professionals with low-income entrepreneurs who need help patenting their inventions. These services are provided free of charge and are available for anyone living in any of the nine states. To qualify, individuals must have a gross household income that does not exceed three times the federal poverty guidelines. Certain regional programs may have different requirements.

The center also offers online classes for entrepreneurs who wish to start a small business in Wyoming. In addition, the Center provides information about various types of licenses and permits for a business, including business formation. These permits are issued by different state agencies. To get the necessary permits, start by checking with the state’s Secretary of State website. It also provides links to important Wyoming organizations.

ProBoPat program

The ProBoPat program connects low-income inventors with patent practitioners to provide free patent preparation and prosecution services. The program also provides free business consulting and training to help innovators bring their ideas to market. The program is available in five states and encourages inventors to utilize local Patent and Trademark Resource Centers.

The ProBoPat program works by matching volunteer patent professionals with low-income inventors and small businesses. The eligibility criteria for obtaining free patent services vary by state. Generally, you must be on a limited budget, with a household income below three times the federal poverty level. However, regional programs may have additional requirements for eligibility.

The ProBoPat program is a great place to find free patent services in Wyoming. Volunteer attorneys from local firms and universities assist low-income inventors with their filings. Volunteers work at no charge, which allows them to help as many people as possible. The process of patenting a product can be very expensive. Attorney fees, United States Patent and Trademark Office fees, and maintenance fees can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. By utilizing ProBoPat, low-income inventors can get a patent for free or low-cost.

The University of Wyoming has partnered with the Wyoming Business Council to offer no-cost intellectual property assistance. These resources are staffed with law school interns who review invention disclosures and help innovators decide if they should pursue a patent. Using the USPTO Seven Step Strategy, these interns help innovators refine their ideas and decide if they should pursue a patent.

Wyoming Women’s Business Center

The Wyoming Inventor’s Conference was held on October 21, 2017, and included free patent assistance. Patenting a product or idea can be a costly process, and the total cost can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. This cost includes attorney fees, filing fees with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and maintenance fees.

Wyoming’s Women’s Business Center offers a variety of services to assist women in starting a business. It also provides business training and counseling, as well as counseling. In addition to these services, the Wyoming Women’s Business Center also provides access to state-of-the-art technology facilities and services.

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