Free Patent Filing Assistance in Missouri

If you’re thinking of patenting your idea, you’ll need some help with the filing process. Missouri has a great system for providing free patent filing assistance. You’ll find several attorneys in the state that offer this service, and they specialize in helping you with the entire process. You can contact one of these attorneys directly for a consultation or to ask questions about how they can help you.

Josh Garber

If you are looking for a Missouri patent lawyer, there are many options available. Missouri patent attorneys are typically required to have a scientific background, and must pass the Patent Bar Exam in order to practice law. The patent office receives thousands of patent applications every day, and reviews each one for validity. Using a patent attorney can help ensure your application is filed correctly. Detailed documentation is essential to the patent process, and you will need someone who knows the industry and can craft a strong case for the novelty of your invention.


Kanika Garber is an experienced patent attorney and Managing Partner of Evergreen Valley Law Group, a firm that specializes in helping innovative entrepreneurs and inventors. Her experience includes filing over 5,000 patent applications nationwide and internationally. Her clients include notable organizations such as Tesla and the City of Los Angeles. Josh also excels in the field of employment law, and has helped individuals and small businesses avoid the expense and hassle of a court battle.

This free program matches volunteer patent agents and attorneys with financially under-resourced individuals and small businesses. Eligibility requirements include a gross household income that is at or below three times the federal poverty guidelines. The program serves small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and solo inventors in Missouri. The program offers a variety of different services to help eligible clients pursue patent protection for their innovations.

Dale J. Ream

Dale Ream has served as a mentor and attorney for inventors in the Kansas City area and nationwide. He is a trusted resource for inventors who are seeking legal protection for their intellectual property and who need help with everything from design engineering to prototyping to manufacturing. His firm also provides assistance with commercialization and licensing.

The Ream Law Firm specializes in ensuring innovative companies protect their work through patents. As a registered patent attorney for more than 12 years, Dale Ream has successfully prosecuted hundreds of patent applications. His experience allows him to make compelling arguments to patent examiners.

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