Free Patent Filing Assistance in Michigan

If you’re an inventor who lives in Michigan but can’t afford to pay a patent attorney, you can get free patent filing help from the BrooksGroup. This legal clinic at Michigan State University offers free patent advice for low-income inventors. To qualify for free services, an applicant must have an annual income below 300% of the federal poverty guidelines. To find a lawyer who accepts clients with limited financial resources, visit the clinic’s website.

Provisional patents cost $300

Obtaining a provisional patent can help you test the market for your product. You will need to provide a detailed written description of your invention. This description should give ordinary people skilled in your field enough details to recognize it later on. Drawings are optional, but can help bolster the written description.

The costs associated with provisional patents are relatively low. However, you will need to prove that your invention is original. You can submit a provisional patent for as little as $300, but a nonprovisional patent will require a much larger investment. The minimum government filing fee for a nonprovisional patent is $730, and the fee increases as the number of claims increases.

The cost of filing a provisional patent application depends on the complexity of your invention and the attorney. An experienced patent attorney will charge between $2,500 and $15,000 for a high-quality application. Provisional patents can take up to a year to get approved. The fee depends on how complicated your invention is, the complexity of the patent claims, and how many inquiries you have to field from the Patent Office. However, if you have a simple invention, it will likely cost you as little as $300.

If you decide to pursue a regular patent, you need to make a few more payments. These payments are called maintenance fees, and they come at different intervals over the life of the patent. Usually, maintenance fees come due at 3.5, 7.5, and 11.5 years after the initial application. It is important to make these payments in a timely manner to protect your intellectual property.

The cost of a nonprovisional patent application is anywhere from $800 to $15,000, which includes filing fees, attorney fees, and examination. Most nonprovisional patent applications cost between $5,500 and $7,500. However, if the invention is not very complex, it may only cost as little as $7,500 to $8,500.

BrooksGroup offers free legal advice to low-income inventors

BrooksGroup, a Michigan-based law firm, has been recognized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its efforts to help low-income inventors and small businesses. Attorney David Berry has donated over 50 hours of his time to help low-income inventors and small business owners pursue their inventions. These efforts have benefited the IP community in Michigan.

Michigan legal aid organizations provide a variety of free legal services, including legal consultations by phone or in person. They can prepare documents, answer questions, negotiate settlements, and provide court representation. Free legal assistance is offered to a variety of clients, depending on the needs and resources of the organization. Some clients only need basic advice or general information, while others require extensive consultation.

Legal clinic at Michigan State University

Whether you need help with a patent application, copyrights, or trademarks, the Michigan State University College of Law is a great place to start. The clinic’s faculty and staff are here to help. Their goal is to help inventors, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses who can’t afford to hire a lawyer. The clinic offers free patent filing services to those who need it.

The clinics are staffed by second and third-year law students. They provide free legal counseling and representation, and they also assist clients with tax-related issues. Students are supervised by a member of the Michigan State Bar. The clinic also offers one-on-one career advising and access to some of the University’s most prominent alumni.

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