Free Patent Filing Assistance in Maple Grove MN

If you are thinking about filing a patent but don’t have the funds for an attorney, you can get help from the Pro Se Assistance Center. These centers provide education and assistance to people who are unable to afford an attorney. They are located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. You can also find a lawyer at a Super Lawyers office in Maple Grove.

Pro Se Assistance Center

The USPTO has a program called “Pro Se Assistance” that provides customer service to those applying for a patent without legal representation. While it is possible to prosecute and file a patent application without legal representation, it is highly recommended that you hire a registered patent attorney. The value of a patent depends on its thorough preparation and effective prosecution. Applicants should be aware that employees of the USPTO are not permitted to give legal advice, so it is highly recommended that they seek the legal advice of an attorney.

The Pro Se Assistance Center in Maple Grove, Minnesota is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping independent inventors and small businesses protect their valuable IP. The Center provides free patent filing assistance to people in Minnesota and the surrounding area. The program is comprised of licensed patent practitioners who can provide professional Pro Se assistance and representation before the USPTO and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers is a prestigious rating service that recognizes the top attorneys in more than 70 practice areas. The selection process is a multiphase evaluation based on peer nominations and independent research. No more than five percent of attorneys are named Super Lawyers, and only 2.5 percent of attorneys are chosen as Rising Stars.

Attorneys listed on Super Lawyers are accredited to practice patent law and are accredited by their peers. Their credentials and professional accomplishments are listed in an index of top attorneys. You can search by practice area or search for a specific attorney by their name. If you’d like more information, contact them via the contact form.

Locations of attorneys in Maple Grove MN

A patent can be a valuable tool for protecting intellectual property. Attorneys who specialize in patent law can help patent holders obtain compensation for infringements of their patents. Patent infringement occurs when someone uses a patent or trademark without the owner’s consent. While patent holders are generally protected from infringement, they are not completely protected.

Cost of filing a patent application

The cost of filing a patent application in Maple Grove varies depending on the type of invention and its complexity. For a simple invention, filing a patent application costs $900, while a more complex invention can cost $8,000 to $15,000, or even more. Patent attorneys may charge a higher fee for filing software-related inventions.

Generally, design patent applications cost less than utility patent applications. According to Bitlaw, the total cost of filing and drafting a design patent application is about $2,000, which includes the fees for creating drawings and paying government filing fees. Moreover, responding to a rejection is typically less expensive. In addition, design patent applicants don’t have to pay maintenance fees.

Other fees that must be paid for filing a patent application include a $400/$200 non-electronic filing fee, which must be paid in addition to the filing and search fees. If you are filing an electronic patent application, you can save hundreds of dollars by avoiding this fee. In addition, patent applications can be amended, and the cost to do so is usually between $2,200 and $3,500.

Patent fees for utility patents start at $2,600, and plant patents start at $1,910, depending on the size of your business. Moreover, if you intend to create a new product, a design patent will protect it. The cost of filing a design patent is approximately $2,500-$3,000, which includes the $140 examination fee.

Cost of hiring a patents lawyer

Costs vary greatly when it comes to hiring a patents lawyer. A typical patent will cost between $250 and $275 an hour, but in larger cities, fees can exceed that amount. The total cost will also include all patent attorneys and agents. Before hiring a patents lawyer, make sure to understand the different types of fees.

Using a patent attorney can help you save on costs. The basic fee for preparing a patent application is $130, and additional pages may cost between $100 and $125 each. Additionally, the United States Patent and Trademark Office charges anywhere from $200 to $400 for patent application preparation. Additionally, the price will vary depending on the type of patent you need. For example, provisional patents cost different amounts than non-provisional patents, which are usually utility patents.

Patent attorneys in smaller firms generally charge less. They also have less clients and more time to dedicate to patent application preparation. Additionally, hourly fees are preferred by many attorneys. The hourly fee also allows the attorney to bill for his time. This ensures that the client is not taking advantage of a flat rate and using up the attorney’s time.

Patent attorneys will also offer their clients insight into risk and costs. Initial consultations usually last thirty to sixty minutes. In this time, you and your patent attorney will discuss your invention and whether or not you qualify for a patent.

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