Free Patent Filing Assistance in Lyndhurst OH

There are a few ways to find a patent attorney that provides free patent filing assistance in Lyndhurst, Ohio. One way is to look for a member of the Super Lawyers directory. This is a free directory of attorneys that has information such as their biographical information, education, and training. It also includes contact information and links to their websites.

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University, located in Lyndhurst, Ohio, has a program that provides free patent assistance to inventors in the area. The program accepts inventors and matches them with volunteer patent attorneys. Law students in the IPVC at Case Western Reserve accept applications from inventors who have legal needs.

The program is supported by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation and the USPTO, as well as the law school. The IP Venture Clinic has helped to develop an online platform to provide free patent filing services. It has partnered with other communities across the country and will soon be available to Kentucky residents as well. The IP Venture Clinic at CWRU works with attorneys in the Ohio area to represent startup companies and provide legal resources. The program has benefited several Case Western Reserve entrepreneurs.

Dr Vladlen Kim

Dr Vladlen Kim is a doctor of internal medicine in Lyndhurst, Ohio. He is affiliated with several hospitals in the city. He earned his medical degree from the Alma Atinskij State Medical Institute and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He specializes in internal medicine, the primary field of medicine, which involves performing physical exams and treating a range of common illnesses in adults. About one out of four physicians in the country are internists. In addition, internists are often certified in more than one subspecialty, including infectious disease, psychiatry, cardiology, and medical oncology.

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