Free Patent Filing Assistance in Libertyville IL

If you’re interested in obtaining free patent filing assistance in Libertyville IL, you have a few options. You can apply for a patent as a pro se (also known as pro per or propria persona). This means that you’re filing the application for your own benefit. There are a variety of educational materials available that can assist you in filling out the application and responding to the examiner.

Law School Clinic Certification Program

The Law School Clinic Certification Program provides free patent and trademark legal assistance to qualified members of the public. The clinics are supervised by Law School Faculty Clinic Supervisors who help students prepare and file patent and trademark applications. The clinics are regulated by the Office of Enrollment and Discipline, and students must meet specific requirements to become certified.

The clinic offers assistance with patent applications, responding to office actions, and appeals. The clinic does not provide assistance with work that requires a law license, such as licensing or litigation. Moreover, it does not cover third-party costs, which are borne by the inventor.

The clinic also provides educational assistance on patent law. Students can participate in a 3-credit course and an internship. The clinic is most beneficial to students who have a background in science or technology. It is also beneficial to have a prior experience in patent law. In addition, the clinic works with the Illinois Institute of Technology to offer students practical experience on intellectual property law issues.


There are a number of ways to get free patent filing assistance in Libertyville, Illinois. The USPTO offers the Patent Pro Bono Program, which allows low-income individuals to receive free patent services from licensed patent practitioners. Pro Bono means work that is done without compensation, and the program aims to help low-income individuals secure patents for their inventions.

The USPTO website has information on Pro Bono programs throughout the United States. The USPTO also provides several help lines for any questions you may have. In addition, the USPTO offers online training and resources for inventors who are interested in learning more about the patent process.

The Patent Pro Bono Program matches qualified inventors with registered patent attorneys and agents. These volunteers provide their time to help inventors with their inventions for free. These professionals must be registered patent practitioners and have practiced before the USPTO. To qualify, applicants must have a gross household income of less than three times the federal poverty guidelines. Some regional programs may have different criteria.


While free patent filing assistance in Libertyville, Illinois is a great way to save money, it’s not without its costs. It’s a good idea to consult with a patent attorney about your unique situation before deciding which program is right for you. An initial consultation can take several forms, but will generally take 30 to 60 minutes. During this time, the attorney and inventor will discuss the details of your invention and whether or not you qualify for free patent filing assistance.

The costs associated with filing a patent can vary from as low as $750 to $40,000+, depending on the complexity of your invention. It’s also worth considering the post-filing costs, which can add up very quickly. As a general rule, you should budget anywhere from $5,000 to $7,500 for your patent’s issue fee and prosecution costs.


If you need help with a patent application, you can find free assistance from USPTO’s Patent and Trademark Resource Centers (PTRCs). These are libraries designated by the USPTO that receive copies of U.S. patents and make them available for public use. Unfortunately, the Illinois State Library no longer serves as a PTRC. Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Available to low-income inventors

If you are an inventor and have an idea, but aren’t able to afford an attorney, there are free patent services available to you. The Patent Pro Bono program pairs volunteer patent attorneys with low-income inventors and small businesses. These professionals provide free patent prosecution, business consulting services, and training on bringing new products to market. This program is available to residents of at least five states, and it is aimed at helping people with low incomes bring their ideas to market.

This program is administered by a nonprofit organization in Denver, CO. It serves five states, including New Mexico. To apply, you must meet income guidelines and be a U.S. resident or legal resident. Once you’ve met these guidelines, you can apply for patent services. You can visit the National Clearinghouse to submit a request or contact the relevant regional program.

You can also get help from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO is the federal agency responsible for patents and trademark registrations. Their website has extensive information about the patent process and legal requirements for inventors. You can even find an attorney on their website if you’re in a pinch.

A recent study reveals that children of lower-income families are ten times less likely than children of rich parents to become inventors. This means that if children from poor backgrounds could receive the same opportunities as their wealthier counterparts, the nation could potentially gain 3.5 times more inventors than it currently has. The study did not examine the disparity in inventors by race, but it shows that the two issues may be related.

In 2011, the United States passed the America Invents Act, which requires state governments to create patent pro bono programs. As a result, Delaware’s pro bono patent aid program was born. Now, the state has a number of pro bono patent programs available for low-income inventors.

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