Free Patent Filing Assistance in Lake Forest IL

Lake Forest is a city located in Lake County, Illinois, United States. Its population is estimated to be about 19,367. The city is along the shore of Lake Michigan, and is a part of the Chicago metropolitan area and the North Shore.

Patent Filing Assistance in Lake Forest IL

A patent is a powerful form of intellectual property protection, but filing a patent can be time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, certain inventions may not be able to be patented, or they may be difficult to define in a way that prevents others from creating the same thing.

Inventors who need help with patent filing in Lake Forest IL can apply for Free Patent Filing Assistance. The United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent Pro Bono Program matches volunteer patent professionals with low-income inventors and small businesses. Applicants must be residents of one or more states, and have a gross household income of less than three times the federal poverty level. Program eligibility varies by region.

Mi Casa Resource Center’s ProBoPat Program also connects low-income inventors with patent practitioners who provide pro bono patent preparation and prosecution services. The program also provides general business consulting, training, and other resources. Mi Casa has many resources to assist low-income inventors.

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Some Patents in Illinois

One of the recent patents assigned to Motorola Solutions in Illinois covers a method and system for controlled wireless distribution of data in areas that are not equipped with reliable wireless connectivity. The patent’s co-inventors include Kenneth W. Douros, Kok Seng Ang, and Dipendra M. Chowdhary.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance is another Illinois organization which has been assigned several patents. One such patent is Patent number: 11482097 entitled ‘Autonomous vehicle mode alert system for bystanders’. The patent is for an alert system that may be triggered to notify a pedestrian of the current operational mode of a nearby vehicle. For instance, a vehicle may operate in an autonomous or manual mode, and may occasionally switch from one mode to the other. A pedestrian who may be unaware of the current operational mode of a nearby vehicle may notice the alert and proceed accordingly.

Applying for a pro bono patent in Lake Forest IL

A pro bono patent service is a program where lawyers give their time for free to low-income inventors or small businesses. Many patent attorneys work on a fee-for-service basis. Patent Pro Bono attorneys work on a pro bono basis and work with nonprofit organizations. If you are in need of a patent, a pro bono patent attorney in Lake Forest IL can help you get started on the right foot.

However, there are cases where the client is not able to afford a fee-for-service patent attorney. This is where patent pro bono programs come in. The requirements also vary by program. For example to be eligible under the UPSTO Patent Pro Bono Program, the applicant must be a resident of one or more states who meets certain criteria. For example, they must make less than three times the federal poverty guidelines. Some regional programs have different requirements.

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Additionally, the USPTO Midwest Regional Office provides additional support and resources for customers in the Midwest region of the United States including Illinois. The USPTO maintains a roster of active patent attorneys and agents registered with the USPTO from which you can find an attorney or agent by selecting Illinois from the list of states in the search field. Aslo the USPTO has a Patent Pro Bono Coverage Map which is useful in providing specific regional information.

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