Free Patent Filing Assistance in Kent

If you’re interested in patent law, you may have heard about the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub. The Hub provides free legal services to those who need them. This program was started in late 2015 and has since helped more than 200 people. To date, the program has filed 30 non-provisional patent applications and 15 provisional patent applications. In addition, it has assisted with three design applications. Since its inception, the program has contributed over thirteen hundred and thirty hours of attorney time.

About the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub

The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub is a regional authority for the U.S. Patent Office’s pro bono program, which matches under-resourced Illinois inventors with pro bono legal assistance. Lawyers from Foley’s Chicago office contributed more than 50 hours to the hub in 2017 alone. During that time, Foley lawyers in Chicago assisted more than 100 patent hub inventors.

The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub is part of a law school and university, which means that it has many resources available to help you launch a business. The patent hub also offers a center for entrepreneurship, which provides resources and referrals to help inventors. The center also has campus facilities for inventors and small business owners.

The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub has had impressive results in its first 18 months of operation. Like many patent hubs across the country, it has served to expand access to the patent system and reduce the barriers for low-income inventors. It also provides an opportunity for pro bono patent attorneys and law students to work with inventors.

The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub is run by Illinois Institute of Technology. To join, an inventor must be an Illinois resident who makes less than thirty percent of the federal poverty line. The guidelines are issued annually by the Department of Health and Human Services. To check whether you qualify, visit the Chicago-Kent College of Law’s website. Simply multiply your total household income by three to see if you qualify.

The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub works with inventors from across Illinois. Aside from helping inventors file their patent applications, the IP Hub also helps Illinois inventors get funding for their research and development. The IP Hub’s office is located at Chicago-Kent College of Law. The hub also hosts a variety of workshops and events.

About the USPTO’s Pro Se Assistance Program

The USPTO’s Pro Se Assistance Program provides customer service to applicants who do not have a patent attorney or other legal representation. While it’s possible to file patent application papers and prosecute patent applications without legal help, the USPTO strongly encourages applicants to seek the help of a registered patent attorney. A patent’s value depends on its preparation and prosecution, so it’s critical that applicants seek legal counsel before filing.

The USPTO’s Pro Se Assistance Program has a goal of helping small businesses and independent inventors protect their valuable IP. Its primary mission is to increase the quality of pro se applications and make it easier for these applicants to make informed decisions. The program provides information and tools that can help pro se applicants understand the process and make the best decisions for their particular situation.

The USPTO’s Pro Se Assistance Program offers training, free resources, and one-on-one assistance to eligible inventors. Volunteer patent practitioners are matched with low-income inventors who need assistance filing a patent application. The USPTO Pro Se Assistance Program also provides free help to inventors who are pro se and do not have the funds to hire an attorney. The Pro Se Assistance Program also provides help with questions on forms and application procedures.

While there are many websites that offer patent help for a fee, the USPTO’s Pro Se Assistance program is a government-run program that assists inventors in the patent filing process. The program works by assisting inventors to gather the documents they need to complete the process and completing the necessary paperwork for filing a patent.

The USPTO’s Pro Se Assistance Program has a regional component and is designed to serve inventors and small businesses throughout the U.S. Its website includes information on regional programs that can help those who cannot afford the services of a lawyer. The USPTO’s Pro Se Assistance Program is an excellent way to obtain free legal assistance for a patent application.

The USPTO has a database of registered patent attorneys. You can find a patent attorney near you through this database. If you’re a Nebraskan, you can find an attorney in your area through the Pro Se Assistance Program in St. Louis, Missouri. You can also visit a Patent & Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) to learn about the patent process and fee schedules. Most PTRCs also offer intellectual property classes.

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