Free Patent Filing Assistance in Kansas

If you are in the process of developing a new product or service, you might be interested in receiving free patent filing assistance in Kansas. There are several resources available to help you with this process. Some of these resources include Saint Louis University, the Kansas Association of Certified Development Companies, and the Kansas State University Intellectual Property Advisory Committee.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University in Missouri has a program to help under-resourced inventors apply for a patent. This program provides free patent attorney and patent agent time, along with business and commercialization assistance. This service is available to Missouri small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and solo inventors.

These free legal services are offered through the Patent Pro Bono Program, an independent nationwide network of regional programs. Volunteers match inventors and small businesses with registered patent practitioners who are willing to volunteer their time. By volunteering their services, the organizations are helping the community by providing legal services at no cost.

Other programs held in Kansas are Science on Tap, a conference co-sponsored by the Biodiversity Institute, and The Patent Conference, organized by the University of Kansas School of Law. Both events have a strong patent-lawyner community. At these events, many of these organizations share information on new technology.

Kansas State University Research Foundation

Free patent filing assistance is available through the Kansas State University Research Foundation, which supports innovative ideas and discoveries. As a university, we appreciate industry support for our work and have a variety of agreements with sponsors. In some cases, our sponsors may obtain a nonexclusive license to our inventions, allowing them to use them royalty-free in their own operations. In other cases, they are required to pay reasonable royalties to the University.

This policy applies to patented and non-patented innovations, including computer software with commercial value. The policy also applies to inventions performed by university employees. It is a positive sign for our university to foster the transfer of our research results. We are committed to helping our employees develop and commercialize their ideas.

Kansas State University Intellectual Property Advisory Committee

The Intellectual Property Advisory Committee (KSU IPAC) provides free patent filing assistance for faculty, students, and staff. Intellectual Property includes Inventions, Copyrightable Works, Trademarks, and Tangible Research Property. The policy was developed with input from the Office of General Counsel, Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property, and the Office of University Governance.

The University may not pursue commercialization of an Invention if it receives federal funding for the research. This is due to the Bayh-Dole Act, which restricts commercialization of inventions developed while receiving federal grants. In addition, the University may not publish data associated with an Invention or Copyrightable Software unless it agrees to an Invention Release Agreement and assigns all other rights to the Inventor.

OTC is also responsible for licensing and marketing University Intellectual Property. It negotiates agreements with research sponsors and licensing companies on behalf of the University. OTC also helps inventors manage and store their Intellectual Property. Once a university has licensed the IP, the OTC will assist in finding a suitable storage solution.

Intellectual property policies are essential for the creation and dissemination of knowledge. They ensure certainty of ownership and distribution of benefits. Intellectual property policies apply to all university employees and student employees. In addition, they apply to equipment, supplies, and facilities owned by the University. They also cover trade secrets developed for the University and student academic creations.

The university should maintain a balance between individual inventors’ rights and the university’s mission. It should ensure that faculty inventors’ rights are protected. Furthermore, it should ensure that the university’s public-interest mandate is not conflicted with the institution’s intellectual property policies.

Patents are a valuable tool for promoting innovation. They allow creators to protect their ideas and commercialize them. Kansas State University has a patent portfolio with over a thousand diverse patents. Some of these inventions include neutron detectors, wheat varieties, nanomaterials, and more.

The university’s policy covers non-patented innovations as well as computer software with commercial value. The policy applies to all faculty. This policy is a positive sign of the University’s positive attitude towards the transfer of research results.

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