Free Patent Filing Assistance at Indiana University – Maurer School of Law

For those who have a need for free patent filing assistance, the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University can help. They have several IP students that can provide free help to those who need it. These students are able to file patent applications for companies and small inventors who cannot afford legal counsel.

Maurer School of Law IP students

Maurer School of Law IP students in Indiana are eligible for free patent filing assistance. The school offers patent and trademark law clinics that provide real-life experience for students. The clinics are certified by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as part of a pilot program. The students who participate in the clinics are required to draft and file patent and trademark applications and work under the supervision of a Law School Faculty Clinic Supervisor.

The law school’s Center for Intellectual Property Research is one of a few in the country to be named a patent hub. The designation was made official late last year, expanding the previous designation from 2015 to include more schools. The IP center is an excellent resource for students in Indianapolis and throughout the nation.

Indiana University Maurer School of Law IP students

Indiana University Maurer School of Law IP Clinic offers pro bono patent and trademark services to a variety of clients. The clinic is certified by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office under a pilot program. The program matches volunteer patent attorneys with inventors in need of pro bono services. Students involved in the program gain valuable experience and academic credit.

The IP clinic allows Indiana University Maurer School of Law IP law students to put theory into practice. Students learn about intellectual property law by assisting pro bono clients and faculty in the school’s IP department. The students use their skills in research, advocacy, and administrative practice to develop and implement strategies that help clients achieve their goals. Students also get valuable experience in IP practice and are able to help out small businesses in their local community.

In addition to the IP law clinic, IP law students can also take advantage of the school’s scholarship program. In return, IP students receive 50 percent off their annual tuition. The program is open to current IP students and alumni. In addition, IP law students are eligible for other scholarships such as the Rose-Hulman Intellectual Property Law Scholars Program.

The Indiana University Maurer School of Law has a reputation as a top-tier law school. It has a long history of training high-calibre legal scholars and a world-class location. Students at Indiana University Maurer School of Law enjoy a superb faculty, supportive community, and great location.

Professor Janis’ dedication to teaching has been recognized by numerous awards. She has received the Faculty Scholar Award, the International Trademark Association’s Ladas Award, and the Leon H. Wallace Teaching Award, which is the highest honor given at Indiana Law. She has always put the needs of her students above everything else.

The Maurer School of Law offers a variety of funding opportunities to IP students, including fellowships, assistantships, federal loans, and veteran’s assistance. Additionally, law students can apply for a second or third year assistantship in another department of the Maurer School of Law. These positions typically pay 20 hours per week and include a health insurance benefit.

Counseling and Psychological Services, part of the IU health fee, offers two free sessions per semester and additional sessions for a low cost. The staff is trained to deal with a variety of mental health issues and see dozens of Law Students each semester. Additionally, a psychiatrist is available to help those seeking medication for anxiety, depression, or attention-deficiency. Additionally, the Dean of Students keeps a list of local therapists who accept insurance.

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