Free Patent Filing Assistance in Georgia

Free Patent Filing Assistance in Georgia

Georgia has a number of resources for individuals who are interested in pursuing a patent. These resources include: Young Inventor’s Award/PASS program, foreign corporation, and identity proofing services. If you are interested in pursuing a patent, contact a Georgia center science and engineering fairs director for more information.

Young Inventor’s Award/PASS program

The Young Inventor’s Award/PASS programs are sponsored by the Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance (GIPA). The aim of the programs is to increase student awareness of intellectual property and educational resources for young Georgian inventors. The programs are run by volunteers with various expertise, including patent attorneys. They help students apply for patents on ideas that they believe have potential to be commercially successful.

Foreign corporation

When you want to start a new business, one of the first things you should do is to incorporate your company. The first step in incorporating your company in Georgia is to register with the state of Georgia. After you’ve registered your business, you need to file your first annual registration. Corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships in Georgia must file their first annual registration within 90 days.

There are several types of entities you can incorporate in Georgia, including: business corporations, nonprofit corporations, professional corporations, benefit corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies. You can even file as a foreign entity with the Georgia Secretary of State if you were incorporated in another state.

You will also need a registered agent. You can hire an individual or a company to serve as your registered agent. The registered agent must reside in Georgia and have a physical street address. You cannot use a post office box or a mail drop for this purpose. If you’re a foreign corporation, you’ll need a certificate of authority to transact business in Georgia.

Patent fees

Free patent filing assistance in Georgia is available through several organizations. The Georgia Tech Library, for example, offers free patent training. You can also sign up for a free trademark training course at the library. The goal of these programs is to encourage local innovation, which helps the economy. If you are an aspiring inventor, this is a great opportunity to develop your ideas and start a business.

The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, is another place where you can receive free patent assistance. The organization uses experienced volunteers to help students with the filing process. Volunteers work with patent attorneys. The fee for a patent application is $100, and the attorney handles all application work.

The application process in Georgia requires two steps. First, you need to complete the request for patent in Georgian. Second, you need to provide the details of the invention. In Georgia, you must describe your invention in Georgian, specify your rights, and provide patent claims and drawings. You also need to provide the original of your POA at the time of filing.

When choosing a patent attorney, it is important to find one with a good track record. Check the Georgia Bar Association’s listings for attorneys who specialize in intellectual property. You may also want to seek referrals from trusted business contacts. In addition, you can also use online resources such as U.S. Patent Office to lookup other patents related to your business.

Volunteers who are interested in helping others can apply for the Patent Pro Bono Program. The organization matches volunteer patent professionals with underserved inventors and small businesses. You must be a resident of the state and earn less than three times the federal poverty level. Some regional programs have different eligibility requirements.

Identity proofing services

Experian, an information solutions company, is now offering identity proofing services for free patent filing assistance in the state of Georgia. These services will verify your identity when you file certain forms online. These services will not impact your personal credit score. Experian will only access your information to validate your identity.

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