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Patent number 11295312 was recently issued to Allstate Insurance Company of Northbrook, IL. The patent was filed and published in Des Plaines, Illinois. NewsRx editors recently reported on the patent’s publication date and patent number. Read on for more details.

Allstate Insurance Company

An Allstate Insurance Company patent that was filed on November 12 has been discovered on the USPTO website. The patent is for a virtual reality (VR) simulator that would allow insurers to estimate liability for accidents, observe driver behavior, and train insurance adjusters. This technology isn’t yet widely used, but it has potential to transform the insurance industry.

The patent application describes a system for transmitting and receiving data from sensors on a vehicle. It uses that data to generate a behavior score for the driver. The data collected includes location, number of braking events, and miles driven. Using this information, a driver can improve their own behavior and avoid causing accidents.

Allstate Insurance Company’s patent number

A company that is based in Northbrook, Illinois, has received a patent number for a new product. The company’s patent number is 11410248. This patent is the result of a collaboration between several inventors. These inventors include Hayes, Howard, Johnson, Robert H., and Norena, Moises. The patent was published on August 9, 2022.

The patented system involves two devices. One collects and processes data from sensors in a car. The other collects and analyzes data to determine the behavior of a driver. For example, it would keep track of a driver’s speed and ignition. This data could be used by insurance companies to determine a driver’s risk, and it could also be used by law enforcement or other entities.

The slogan “You’re in good hands with Allstate” and the symbol of two hands holding a motor vehicle were also registered as service marks in Texas and the United States Patent Office. Allstate Inc. Co. didn’t license the slogan or the use of these service marks, and thus the alleged violation of trademark law was invalid. However, the company is still able to use the slogan “You’re in good hands with Allstate” in its advertising and sales materials.

While there aren’t many practical applications for VR outside of video games and entertainment, the company believes this technology could be used to help consumers and insurers. VR can also be used to evaluate drivers’ behavior without simulating collisions. The computing equipment can analyze and quantify driving habits and award a premium rate based on the results. This technology is expected to help consumers save money on their insurance premiums.

Allstate Insurance Company’s publication date

Recently, news broke that Allstate Insurance Company filed a patent for virtual reality. The patent, 11410248, is set to publish in 2022. The inventors of the patent are Hayes, Howard; Johnson, Robert H.; and Norena, Moises. The company has been headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.

Allstate Insurance Company’s first-to-file system

The Allstate Insurance Company recently filed a patent for proprietary technology that can measure driver behavior. The system collects data from sensors in a vehicle to determine behavior, braking and location. It can also be used to calculate liability estimates and train insurance adjusters.

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