Free Patent Filing Assistance in Delaware

Free Patent Filing Assistance Available to Students at Delaware Law School

The Delaware Office of Defender Services, BitWorks, and TC Heartland have all teamed up with Delaware Law School to offer free patent filing assistance to Delaware residents. The program is open to students at Delaware Law School and is now open to all 50 states. Students are required to fill out an application and be interviewed by Delaware patent attorneys.

Office of Defender Services

If you are a resident of Delaware, you have unique resources available to you. You can explore the categories below to learn more. The USPTO also has a presence in Delaware, providing additional support to customers in the Eastern United States. If you need patent filing assistance, the USPTO will contact you at no cost.


Delaware inventors and small businesses may be eligible to receive free patent filing assistance from Delaware attorneys through the Delaware Law School Patent Pro Bono Program. Though this program is not for everyone, it will help Delaware residents who can’t afford an attorney. For those who qualify, the program offers free legal representation for up to five years for inventors or small businesses.

The Delaware Law School and Widener University have teamed up to help low-income inventors who need help with the legal aspects of patent filing. The initiative will help low-income inventors navigate the complex and often intimidating legal landscape of patents. This program is a great help for those with no legal or patenting experience. The goal of this program is to make patenting easier for everyone. Founders and inventors who want to patent their technology are encouraged to apply.

Applicants for the Delaware Inventors Grant must be Delaware residents. To be eligible for the grant, they must submit a provisional or non-provisional patent application, attend an online patent training course, and demonstrate that their invention is real. They also must be able to cover an application processing fee of between $50 and $150. The fee range varies based on the patent office.

TC Heartland

The TC Heartland decision will set the default venue for patent infringement lawsuits to the state of incorporation of the defendant. Delaware is the home state of nearly 1.2 million business entities, including half of all publicly traded companies and 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies. The decision is a win for Delaware.

The decision was a landmark one for patent litigation. It overturned decades of precedent and significantly limited where patent cases could be litigated. Prior rules allowed patent owners to select an east Texas court as a favorable venue, but the TC Heartland decision has caused patent infringement complaints to drop there by nearly half. Meanwhile, filings in Delaware federal court have risen.

The decision has implications for the patent industry and for patent practitioners. Some media sources have called it a “rebuke” of forum shopping by “patent trolls.” Others are calling it a boon for the tech industry. The San Jose Mercury News dubbed it a “major victory.”

The new venue requirement is a statutory requirement, unlike the personal jurisdiction requirement. It may be amended by Congress. In February 2017, Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force Chairman, Orrin Hatch, identified patent venue reform as a top priority in legislation. While there is no consensus among lawmakers regarding the need for changes, a few states have already made changes to their laws.

While the Eastern District of Texas remains the most popular venue for patent litigation, the District of Delaware has surpassed it in popularity. This trend may be partially due to the uncertainty surrounding TC Heartland, as the Federal Circuit has not yet ruled on the issue.

Delaware Law School

Free patent filing assistance is available for Delaware law students, thanks to a federal statute, the America Invents Act. The act requires state governments to establish pro bono patent assistance programs. However, there are still a few rules that need to be followed before applying for free patent filing assistance. First, you must actually have an invention.

Delaware law school students can help low-income inventors who are in need of free patent filing assistance. The program is run by the Widener University Delaware Law School. Volunteer attorneys from the Patent and Trademark Office will work with the students to guide them through the patent filing process. This program will help low-income inventors navigate the legal and bureaucratic processes of patents and will provide legal assistance and advice for free.

To qualify for free patent filing assistance, applicants must be Delaware residents and have an actual invention. They must also meet income requirements. To qualify, an inventor must have a total household income that is below 300 percent of the federal poverty line. For small businesses, the income threshold is $150,000 or less. To apply, fill out the application form on Widener’s website.

The state of Delaware has several laws that govern landlord-tenant issues. Among them are the rules on late fees, the amount of notice required before an increase, and the amount of time a tenant can delay payment. The law also requires landlords and tenants to disclose specific information to tenants, which must be included in the rental agreement or lease.

Delaware Law School’s Patent Pro Bono Program

The Delaware Law School’s Patent Pro Bono program offers pro bono legal assistance to under-resourced inventors. The program partners with registered patent attorneys, agents, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and is managed by Delaware Law School. Lead attorney volunteers include Joan Kluger and James Lennon.

The Delaware Law School Patent Pro Bono program pairs low-income inventors with volunteer attorneys. Students can sign up for the program. In addition, the program is expanding to all 50 states. Attorneys who qualify can serve as mentors. Participating attorneys must have at least ten years of experience.

DLS’s Patent Pro Bono program is designed to assist low-income inventors and small businesses seeking patent protection. Eligible applicants must fall within certain income guidelines, and must not have a current obligation to license or assign their invention. The program is funded by donations and requires no upfront fees.

The PTAB Pro Bono Program fills a crucial gap in patent practice for independent inventors. Patent litigation before the PTAB can be complex and intimidating, limiting an inventor’s ability to practice his or her invention. It also provides a unique opportunity for patent practitioners. Although patent attorneys regularly participate in pro bono activities in other areas of the legal profession, few pro bono programs utilize their unique skillses in patent law. The PTAB Pro Bono Program provides young and diverse patent attorneys with the opportunity to meet this public need.

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