Free Patent Filing Assistance in Boston

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and seat of Suffolk County in the northeastern United States. It is located on Massachusetts Bay which is an arm of Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re in the Boston area and looking for free patent filing assistance, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with information about the Patent Pro Bono Program of New England, including costs and eligibility. It will also educate you on scams you may encounter. This free service can help you protect your ideas and protect yourself from unfair competition.

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The Patent Pro Bono Program of New England

The USPTO’s Patent Pro Bono Program provides free patent services to qualifying inventors. It consists of a network of regional hubs organized by bar associations, law schools IP clinics, and lawyer referral services throughout the United States. To learn more, visit the USPTO’s website.

The program was established in 2011 as a result of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA), which directs the USPTO to support pro bono programs for under-resourced inventors and small businesses. Since its creation, the Patent Pro Bono Program has expanded to all 50 states.

The program’s criteria vary by region, but most programs require participants to fall within certain income guidelines and have an invention. Eligibility is based on the inventor’s household income, as well as knowledge and expertise in the patent system. Additionally, applicants must be registered patent practitioners to qualify.

The USPTO’s Pro Bono Programs are dedicated to fostering innovation and diversity. Survey results show that a majority of respondents identify themselves as Black or African American, and 14% identify as Hispanic. Another five percent identify as Asian or Pacific Islander. More than 40 percent of applicants are women.

Patent Pro Bono Programs are designed to help small businesses with patent filings and other intellectual property-related matters. In addition to helping under-resourced inventors, these programs also help small businesses grow their businesses. The USPTO’s Patent Pro Bono Programs are based in the U.S. Patent Office and staffed by patent attorneys who donate their time. The goal is to promote the invention of new businesses while ensuring the continued success of smaller businesses and the community.

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Free patent filing assistance is available to individuals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. These services are provided by patent practitioners who volunteer their time. Applicants are required to be low-income and must meet certain criteria. For example, they must make less than 300% of the federal poverty guidelines. They must also explain and describe their invention.

These services can be provided by a licensed patent practitioner, as well as by the USPTO. Typically, these services are free for low-income clients. The free services are provided through the USPTO’s website, and there are several help lines available. Additionally, there are online resources and trainings to help applicants navigate the patent application process.

For example, applicants must provide background information to the USPTO, including copies of relevant publications. The information disclosure statement is typically filed around three months before filing the application. In some cases, the client must file a Supplemental Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) if they are aware of significant references or publications. They should also provide information about foreign counterparts of their US application or similar art in foreign applications.

Another situation where a patent can be extended is when a patent covers more than one drug product. A generic chemical formula patent, for instance, may cover several different compounds with desirable activities. In these cases, the different drug products could be subject to separate regulatory approval processes. In such a case, the applicant should be able to choose which one to extend.


Patent filing services can be extremely expensive, but the USPTO recommends that you seek the help of a patent attorney who has specific knowledge of your field of expertise. The cost of a patent attorney’s fees can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are also options available for you that offer pro bono patent filing assistance.

The USPTO supports two different programs that pair inventors with patent attorneys or agents who donate their time for free. Patent Pro Bono pairs eligible inventors with volunteer patent practitioners, and the Law School Clinic Certification Program allows law students to provide these services as long as they have been approved by a supervising patent attorney with experience practicing before the USPTO. These programs are completely independent of the USPTO, and are not limited to specific cities or regions.

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Boston Patent Law Association Pro Bono

The BPLA Pro Bono Committee aims to encourage members to use their talents to pro bono represent individuals and organisations in need. Our members can use the Committee to get useful information and to connect with others who are involved in pro bono work. The Committee covers a wide range of legal issues, including housing, employment, veterans, civil rights and election protection. The Committee is responsible for the BPLA’ s Pro Bono Award. This award is presented annually to a member of BPLA who has provided significant and meaningful pro-bono services. The BPLA Pro Bono Achievement Award will be presented to a member who has demonstrated a long-term commitment in pro bono work from time to time.

Law school clinics

Boston inventors and entrepreneurs can obtain free legal help for both patent and trademark matters by contacting:


Beware of trademark renewal scams. While some may appear legitimate and provide legitimate services, they are often just a ruse to take your money. A few of these companies have even been involved in money laundering, so you can’t trust what they say. It’s important to do your own research before hiring someone to help you with your trademark application.

Finding a Patent lawyer

When you are seeking free patent filing assistance in Boston, Massachusetts, you can use the Internet to find a lawyer. You can also check out Super Lawyers, a free directory of accredited patent attorneys. The directory features attorneys that are highly regarded by their peers and are dedicated to providing quality legal services to their clients.

This directory allows you to search for an attorney by location or practice area to find an attorney that meets your needs.If you intend to hire an attorney (recommended), the USPTO maintains a roster of active patent attorneys and agents registered with the USPTO.

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Another option for free patent filing assistance in Boston is the USPTO’s website. The USPTO actively updates its website and offers help lines for anyone in need of information. Its Pro Se Assistance Program also provides online training and resources for individuals. The USPTO also offers a free online course on filing patent applications.

The USPTO’s Patent Pro Bono program has lawyers that are willing to provide free patent services. These attorneys are licensed patent practitioners that help those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. The Patent Pro Bono Program is administered by nonprofit organizations, and has a map indicating the locations of volunteer patent attorneys.

Patents are important tools for ensuring the protection of intellectual property. Patent attorneys in Boston can help you navigate the filing process, including ensuring that you include all the required information. They can also help you stop infringement of your intellectual property. If necessary, they can even go to court to protect your rights.

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