Free Patent Filing Assistance in Boise

Boise is a city of innovators. It has a high concentration of technology companies and invests heavily in the development of new products. Many entrepreneurs come to this city to turn their ideas into reality. However, the patent process can be challenging to navigate. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help people navigate the system.

Inventors Assistance Center

LegalCORPS inventor assistance program can help low-income inventors with patent applications. The program offers free legal assistance for aspiring inventors in six states. In order to receive the help, you must have a low income or are not able to afford an attorney. To apply, visit the How to Apply page.

There are two locations in Boise where you can receive legal services. Both locations offer one-on-one business consulting and innovative programs. TechConnect, meanwhile, provides strategic technology prospecting services, connecting thousands of emerging technologies to industry, government, and investment clients. TechHelp is another location that offers technical assistance to manufacturers, including product innovation.

You can also contact a local patent and trademark resource center to receive free patent and trademark guidance. These centers are libraries and state, city, and university libraries that work with the USPTO to provide assistance for inventors and small businesses. These offices will be able to help you conduct searches on various patent and trademark databases, including PubEAST and PubWEST.

Rocky Mountain Regional Director Molly Kocialski will lead the session. During the session, she will speak with local inventors and share their experiences with the USPTO and Colorado’s ProBoPat program. She will also introduce you to the formalities of drafting a patent application and common mistakes to avoid. A patent and trademark expert will also explain how to use the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS).

Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel offers free patent filing assistance to entrepreneurs in Boise and the surrounding area. The law office is comprised of in-house attorneys and support staff. The office’s primary responsibility is to serve as in-house counsel for the university and to represent the interests of the university.

Boise is a city known for its entrepreneurial spirit and its focus on technology. Inventors and small business owners flock to this city to turn their ideas into reality. However, the patent process can be challenging. This is where a professional patent attorney comes in handy.

The patent pro bono program is an initiative set up by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that aims to provide free legal assistance to individuals and organizations that cannot afford patent attorneys. It is administered by nonprofit organizations. If you are interested in receiving free patent assistance, you can check out the Patent Pro Bono map to find a patent attorney in your area.

Registered attorneys

Patent law is an expansive area of the law, and a Boise patent law attorney can assist you in every step of the patent filing process. These experts can help you avoid common mistakes and make your application as strong as possible. They can also help you ensure that all the proper information is included in your application. One of the most common reasons that an inventor would hire a patent attorney is when they believe someone else has infringed on their patent rights. The lawyer can contact the alleged infringer and take additional steps to bring the case to court.

Patents attorneys have experience and expertise in a variety of legal disciplines. Some are specialists in a particular field, while others focus on a general practice, such as intellectual property. Choosing a patent attorney with the right expertise is key in the filing process, since it can be very complex.

A Boise patent attorney can help you understand the patent process and get your product on the market. Bold Patents offers affordable services from skilled patent and trademark attorneys. They will perform patent searches and prepare patent applications. In addition to patent filing, they also offer trademark searches and intellectual property litigation. The attorneys can also help you with the patent process if your idea has been copied by another business.

The USPTO website lists information about various Pro Bono programs throughout the United States. Whether you’re a low-income inventor or a small business looking to protect an invention, there is a program for you. These programs match skilled patent practitioners with low-income clients in need. To qualify, your household’s gross annual income should be less than three times the federal poverty level. There may be additional criteria in some regional programs.

The Washington Pro Bono Patent Network is an initiative that was launched by the University of Washington School of Law and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The goal is to help financially-disadvantaged local inventors obtain patent protection. Through this program, licensed patent practitioners volunteer their time and expertise to assist these clients.


UpCounsel offers free patent filing assistance to individuals and small businesses in Boise, Idaho. The company matches volunteer patent attorneys with individuals and businesses that need help to protect their innovative ideas. These professionals have experience in helping people in every technology sector, from biotechnology to computer hardware and software. In addition, they help clients fill out applications in the correct way and respond to examiners’ inquiries.

The USPTO website provides information about free patent services and Pro Bono programs around the United States. The website features frequently updated information and offers several help desk phone lines. Additionally, the USPTO provides educational materials, online training and resources for individuals. The website also provides resources and training for those seeking free patent help.

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