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There are many resources available for people who are considering filing a patent, but may not be sure where to turn. For example, it is helpful to learn about the pro se process (also known as pro per or propria persona), and how to submit a patent application correctly and respond to the examiner.

Provisional patent application

Filing a provisional patent application is an important step in protecting your invention idea before it becomes an actual patent. During the process, an intellectual property lawyer will conduct a search to determine whether your invention idea meets the patentability requirements. They will also complete and modify your drawings in order to more accurately convey your idea. Filing a provisional patent application is an excellent way to prove that you did in fact create your invention idea.

A provisional patent is a simple document that protects your claim for 12 months. It does not include all the requirements of a utility patent and can be filed online. While there are online patent application services that will create your patent application, it is best to have an attorney review it before you file it. A patent attorney will charge a fee for writing the application, so it is important to get a qualified attorney’s opinion before you file it.

A provisional patent application cannot be renewed or extended. It costs approximately $550 to $1280 to file and is a limited form of patent protection. It can be filed digitally, in person, or through the mail. A provisional patent application should only be filed if you are able to demonstrate that your invention has commercial potential.

Preliminary patent search by J.T. Hollin

If you think your invention might be patented, you should conduct a preliminary patent search to find out if other inventors have patented it already. This is important because if your product or process has already been patented, you could face serious infringement charges. If the owner of the original creative work files a patent infringement suit, you could end up paying a lot of money for legal defense. With a preliminary patent search, you can avoid the hassle and expense of filing a patent application.

Cost of filing for expedited approval

If you are in a hurry to get something done and the usual processing time is too long, consider filing for expedited approval. If you submit a document by mail or fax, you can pay an additional fee to have it processed quickly. The filing process will take about two days and you will receive a response within the same timeframe. When filing for expedited approval, be sure to include a daytime phone number and an email address. Also, you should specifically request expedited processing when filing for a business organization.

To apply for expedited approval, you must meet all of ANCC’s eligibility requirements. If you don’t meet these requirements, your application may not be reviewed within three business days. If the ANCC requires more information to assess your eligibility, this may delay the review process even further. In addition, you must pay a nonrefundable $200 expedited review fee.

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