Filing a Provisional Patent Application Online

When starting a new business or developing a product, getting a patent for your invention is one of the best ways to safeguard it. Unfortunately, obtaining such protection can be quite costly.

To reduce costs, filing a provisional patent application online could be advantageous. Doing so will jumpstart the patent application process while you continue working to develop and perfect your invention or product.

Getting an Early Priority Filing Date

Priority filing dates are essential as they can save you time and money in the future. Filing a provisional patent application online costs under $200, with one year to decide if you wish to continue with the patent process or not. This option may be especially advantageous if you do not have enough funds for hiring an experienced patent attorney.

An early priority filing date can be especially beneficial when working on a patent application that will be filed abroad. This may be especially advantageous if the patent office in that foreign country has stringent requirements for “absolute novelty,” which could potentially limit your opportunities of receiving patent rights there.

One way to secure an early priority filing date for a provisional patent application is by securing and recording inventor assignments in the United States as soon as possible after filing. Doing this will guarantee that the inventors own their invention when they file a non-provisional application claiming priority over the provisional application.

Another way to gain an early priority filing date is by crafting claims in the provisional application that are likely to be used in the later-filed non-provisional application. Doing this helps avoid having the later application spend too much time disputing any intervening prior art or conduct that has taken place between these two applications.

Finally, you can obtain an early priority filing date by filing a provisional application as soon as possible after public disclosure has been made of your invention. This is especially beneficial if the disclosure was made more than one year prior to filing date of the provisional application, since it will protect your patent rights in the United States.

When filing a provisional application, it’s essential to describe your invention fully so someone of ordinary skill in the art can make and use it without undue experimentation. This means including as many claims as necessary to fully protect your invention. Additionally, including independent claims and dependent claims is wise as they provide coverage for alternative embodiments or secondary features of your invention.

Filing a PPA on Your Own

If you’re uncertain if your invention is worthy of a full patent, a provisional patent application (PPA) may be the ideal solution. This allows you to test out your creation before investing thousands of dollars on an expensive utility patent.

A PPA offers you one year to assess your invention’s commercial viability. This is an invaluable opportunity to determine if your product can be monetized and generate profit.

Before filing your own PPA, there are a few things you should be aware of. Conducting an exhaustive patent search to guarantee your idea is truly original and unpublished can be done through either the United States Patent and Trademark Office or World Intellectual Property Organization claims patent search.

Additionally, you should provide a thorough description of your invention. This description will serve as the foundation for crafting an effective patent application. Ensure that it is written so anyone knowledgeable in the field can easily comprehend it.

Once you have a comprehensive description of your invention, include multiple drawings to demonstrate its working concept and support your claim of invention. This will demonstrate to the USPTO that you possess an original concept.

Additionally, including numerous drawings makes it simpler to file an amended PPA in case of any mistakes in your written disclosure portion of your application. Furthermore, having high-quality illustrations will help promote and sell your invention to investors and licensees.

When crafting your patent application, the most critical thing to remember is that you must have a thorough understanding of your invention. This is essential for patent eligibility.

To assist you, we’ve developed a tool that makes developing your PPA easy. At $99*, it includes links to all necessary forms, instructions on drafting the document, an example provisional patent application template and guidance on filing it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office**.

If you’re not sure where to begin or would prefer the advice of an attorney, we recommend using GlobalIPCo as it’s user-friendly and allows you to file your Professional Practice Agreement anywhere in the world.

Working with a Patent Attorney

Working with a patent attorney is often the best choice for inventors seeking patent protection on their invention. Not only does this make the process simpler, but it also guarantees that all requirements for successful patent filing are fulfilled.

A competent patent attorney should possess strong writing abilities, an in-depth knowledge of intellectual property rights and the capacity to clearly explain technical information. Furthermore, they are qualified to conduct research and review patent searches on your behalf.

Most patent attorneys work in private practice, representing clients from a variety of industries and companies. This requires them to adapt quickly and stay abreast of technological advancements. With such an expansive clientele, having a lawyer who is knowledgeable about these technologies is essential for success.

When hiring a patent attorney, make sure to understand the total fee for their services. This may differ based on how much time they invest in your project.

Some lawyers charge by the hour, while others provide a flat fee. Before hiring any attorney, ask for their written quote so you can determine if you can afford their services and how long it will take to finish your patent application.

When selecting a lawyer, be sure to request references and reviews from previous customers. Doing this will give you insight into their quality of work and determine if they are suitable for your business needs.

A common error inventors make is filing a provisional patent application without first fully disclosing their invention. Doing this can cause them to forfeit their earlier priority date and could invalidate their patent – in some cases even leading to total loss of exclusivity. Some companies have even lost their entire patent due to this oversight in disclosing information in advance.

A patent attorney can guarantee that you fully disclose and draft your invention correctly. They also ensure no key details are missed, while creating claims which increase the likelihood of receiving patent protection for your creation.

Getting Help

When filing a provisional patent application online, there are a few steps you can take to make the process go more smoothly. These include securing an early priority filing date, using the Invent + Patent System(tm) for prepping and documenting your invention, or working with a patent attorney.

Priority filing dates are essential in patent law as they grant inventors priority over others who have filed similar ideas, meaning even if your invention has already been publicly demonstrated or commercialized, you can still secure a patent on it if you file your application before anyone else does.

In the United States, patents are awarded to those who file an application for protection of their invention before anyone else. This system, known as “first-to-file,” was changed from “first-to-invent” in 2011.

A primary goal of a provisional application is to give inventors an additional year to perfect their invention. This time can be invaluable for testing and refining the product before it’s released to the public, or giving them time to secure investment capital for their venture.

In the provisional application process, inventors may include drawings and diagrams to assist their patent examiners when deciding whether or not to grant them a patent. These can be an effective means of communicating the details of their invention as well as creating a point of differentiation from competitors.

When drafting your provisional application, it is wise to collaborate with an attorney or agent experienced in the field of your invention. They can assist you in deciding which kind of application is most suitable for your idea and guarantee all necessary documents are included.

Help with your PPA is simple when you utilize the Invent + Patent System(tm). This system guides you through providing accurate details about your invention before meeting with a patent attorney, saving money by allowing you to complete more of the patent process yourself and granting better rights than if you went in with only an outline of what your invention entails.