Utility Patent Builder® – For MacOS


Utility Builder® is a comprehensive desktop application solution that helps you file your Non Provisional Utility Application. Your Donation/Purchase is tax deductible!

Utility Builder®'s Key Features

Draft High Quality Patent Descriptions

Our sophisticated software checks the consistency of terms and number references in your application and whether the claims are supported by your description.

Check your claims with ease

Checks your claims for proper antecedent basis and shows you how claim elements are described in the description. An editable claim tree allows for ease of manipulating claim concepts, with multiple claim sets supported.

Comprehensive Report for Your Application

A  comprehensive report is generated making the creation and filing of well-drafted patent applications a breeze.

Automatic Filling of PTO Forms for Filing

PTO forms such as ADS and IDS are created which are ready for filing

Utility Builder® (Trial Version)

The trial version is designed for users to get familiar with Utility Builder® and its tools. Explore Utility builder® and discover how user friendly it is.

Applicable for one application only

Allows for import of one picture only

Diagnostic function is unavailable

Claim function is unavailable

Export document function is unavailable