Provisional Patent Builder® – Windows


If you’re just starting out, a provisional application can be your first step in patent application in the United States. A provisional patent application is a placeholder with a low filing fee that establishes a filing date for your invention. Your Donation/Purchase is tax deductible!

Provisional Builder®'s Key Features

Clear instructions

Applying for patents can be complicated. The Provisional Builder® has clear instructions to take you through the process, so you don’t make mistakes and file your patent application accurately

Error-free application

Mistakes can be very costly. The software has a natural language understanding tool, which captures inconsistencies in the filing so that you can file without mistakes


Quick access to Patent database

Access to patent database is very useful as it allows you to view similar patents that have been filed, so you can see how others describe similar subject matter, making your filing easier.

Provisional Builder® (Trial Version)

The trial version is designed for users to get familiar with Provisional Builder® and its tools. Explore Provisional Builder® and discover how user friendly it is.

Applicable for one application only

Diagnostic function is unavailable

Allows to import of one picture only