About Us


About Our Team

We are a non profit organization based in Silicon Valley developing software to support inventors and entrepreneurs. Our team has filed thousands of successful patents over the years. We know that the process is complicated and we’ve seen lots of costly mistakes made in the past.

So we put together a team of legal experts, software engineers and user experience professionals and we came up with a suite of patent application software that we are confident will make the process simpler, more accurate and cost effective.

Our strength lies in the combination of detail and tools. We have added a sophisticated level of detail into our software and created much-needed tools to help inventors and entrepreneurs submit quality applications with ease.

As A Non-Profit Organization

For entrepreneurs, everything begins with an idea. A great idea needs an environment that encourages and incentivizes creators to bring their imaginations to life. Here, intellectual property (IP) protections play a critical role. They give tangible value to ideas and empower people to earn a livelihood off of their creativity. They fuel economic growth, job creation, and access to creative and innovative output. America wrote the book on innovation, yet the US has dropped to 12th place in patent system strength internationally, according to the US Chamber of Commerce. Without strong patent protections, inventors will find it impossible to protect their ideas and they will face even more infringement by big companies and foreign competitors. Already, intellectual property theft impacts nearly half of all American businesses each year.


Inventiv Foundation (“Foundation”) is organized to conduct and distribute research, studies, and analysis relating to innovation and economic issues and to provide tools to aid inventors in enhancing our world through new inventions that are protected by the IP system. The Foundation seeks to focus public debate on solutions to threats to the patent system protecting innovation. The Foundation intends to develop technical solutions such as software as well as policy solutions and proposals to address innovation problems. The research, education, and outreach activities will be aimed toward promoting inventions and the use of the IP system to protect inventions.


The Foundation will concentrate its educational and outreach activities in communities and neighborhoods most directly affected by the patent system, with an emphasis on low- and middle-income, multicultural, and rural communities. Resources will be directed toward grassroots organizations that work principally with these groups.




The Foundation will conduct research projects on specific inventor problems and threats, addressing those issues that affect day-to-day lives and health of their inventions in these communities. This research will be the basis for developing educational materials and support software to help inventors protect their ideas. Each year, the Board of Directors, with the advice of technical and public policy experts, will approve several issues for research projects. For example, these topics might include artificial intelligence assistance for patent filing and market uses, low-cost patenting. The Foundation’s initial study will focus on how to improve quality while reducing the cost of patent filings. Subsequent studies will focus on automated data transfer with the patent offices to reduce filing errors, for example.


With the financial assistance of foundations, private donors, and the public, the Foundation will collect information on and study these issues and will incorporate the results of its research into written materials that are accessible to members of the general public, as well as to grassroots leaders and policymakers.


These materials will be announced in the press to ensure that the general public is aware of their availability. In addition, the Foundation will sponsor workshops on results of the research for citizens and community leaders. While the Foundation may express a point of view or set forth recommendations on an issue, all publications will be written with a view toward exploring the broad range of approaches and solutions to complex public policy issues in order to ensure a full and open-minded presentation of the facts.         For each project, the Board of Directors will seek to recruit technical and public policy experts, scientists, and other qualified individuals, including community and business leaders.


The Foundation’s Board of Directors, officers, and staff are qualified by educational and professional experience to direct and conduct research on inventor issues. Each Director has been active either as an inventor or a patent professional.


Public Education


In an effort to promote understanding about environmental hazards and innovative policy approaches to these threats, the Foundation will disseminate information from the research program to grassroots leaders, policymakers, and the general public. This includes contributing educational news to a newsletter.


The Foundation will sponsor educational and public forums on various issues in order to increase understanding and knowledge of environmental issues and solutions. Emphasis will be placed on providing forums that reach issues of interest to specific populations. For example, the Foundation will seek to open debate on low-chemical agriculture and organic agriculture for family farmers, to educate the public on unsafe hazardous waste disposal, and to address contamination and remediation in rural and multicultural communities.